Pomeranian Care

Special Pomeranian care pertains mainly to their coat, eyes and teeth. These lively and intelligent little dogs make great pets and are very loyal to their family. These loving creatures are fast learners but can be demanding if they are not shown who is boss. A great watch dog, these little guys have a big bark and must be trained properly to not become too yappy.

Proper Pomeranian care starts with their luxurious coat. Poms have a double coat that can easily become matted. The soft undercoat is light and fluffy and very thick. The longer top coat is sleek like long hair. Daily brushing is required to keep the fur free from matting and looking it’s best. Weekly baths should be given as well as proper grooming around the feet and under the tail.

Another area that needs special Pomeranian care is the eye area. Like most small dogs, poms can have an excess build up of “gunky” discharge from the eye. This can build up on the fur and stain it. If left unchecked it can form a hard goopy mess! It is quite easy to take a Q-tip and wipe the eye area each day – it takes but a few seconds and you can make it be part of the daily grooming routine. Be careful, however not to poke the dog in the eye! They also make a special liquid that will help remove tear stains and is quite safe to use.

Another area of Pomeranian care is the teeth. These dogs can be prone to tooth loss and bacteria build up. It is very important to provide your dog with the appropriate dental care as excessive bacteria build up can work it’s way through your dogs system causing disease to his organs (not to mention bad breath!). You should brush your dogs teeth daily using a specially formulated tooth paste that fights bacteria. Luckily this tooth paste tastes good to dogs so he’ll think you’re giving him a treat! Also, periodic veterinary dental care may be needed – your vet will check your pets teeth at his yearly check up and let you know if additional attention is needed.