Oceanic Aquariums

Are heavy built aquariums for salt or fresh water fish ranging from 10 to 400 gallons often with their own cabinets. They incorporate sleek designs that look great and are functional as well. Cabinets can be found in wood with stains such as cherry oak, medium oak, light oak and black oak. And if you want a really contemporary look they new line of stainless cabinets is ultra sleek!

Oceanic Systems Aquariums are made using glass with silicone sealant and molded frames on the top and bottom of the tanks. The make a reef ready tank that has an overflow box built in and will also do custom tanks as well.

You cannot buy directly from Oceanic Systems but most pet stores will carry their brands – or could order one for you.

These Aquariums come in a “standard” hexagon show tank, bow front tanks, corner tanks and reef ready tanks.