The Small Toy Dog

A small toy dog is a perfect apartment pet.

Cuddly and loving, these dogs do not require a large yard or extensive exercise so they work well for less active adults as well as those in a condo or apartment. Having said that, it is important to note that many small dogs love to go on long walks and can be very good at the sport of agility.

Small dogs can be great pets, but you have to let them know who is master. Some of them can tend to get a bit yippy or overprotective so discipline is important in a toy dog.

The best way to find out if a toy dog is for you, or to pick the breed you want is to learn more about them! These articles below should start you out in your quest to find out more about those energetic companions – small dogs

What Is The Toy Breed?

There are many toy dog breeds, but what makes them a toy? Can they be defined by the size, or by the purpose? While some say a toy is meant to be used specifically as a pet, others argue that working dogs can be very small too! While it might seems safest to define toy dogs from their size, this can also be problematic, as there is no firm agreement on what height or weight makes a dog a toy.

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A Toy Dog Or A Teacup Dog?

First there were toy dogs, then as if those weren’t small enough, they bred teacups. A teacup is a really small version of the toy dog – a dog which is already bred to be pretty darn small. Can it really fit in a teacup? While most probably can’t I do happen to know a teacup poodle that can do exactly that.

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Small Dog Breeds

Some small dog or toy dog breeds date back to ancient times although some started out much larger and for specific purpose. Some were used as alert dogs and others to ferret out small rodents and pests. Read about your favorite breeds!

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The History Of The Small Companion Dog

Your toy dog was probably bred to be a companion dog. A companion is a dog bred specifically to be a pet. A working dog is bred for a purpose such as retrieving game, acting as a watch dog, guarding livestock or chasing away rats. These days most dogs, large or small are simply companions, but it might interest you to know that up until recent history only royalty and the wealthy kept dogs as companions.

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Check Out Pictures Of Toy Dog Breeds

Wanna see what they look like? In here you’ll find some picture of toy dog breeds. Be warned, however, these small dogs are cute and cuddly!

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Ready To Buy Your Toy Dog?

Now that you’ve read up about small dogs, you’re probably ready to buy one, right? Read about some services services that will show you a list of available breeds and help you select the perfect toy dog breed by asking you a series of questions about your situations and likes and dislikes.

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