Small Dog Breeds – Toy Dog Breeds

Small dog breeds, also referred to as toy dog breeds make great lap dogs and are well suited for small homes or apartment living.

These tiny dogs average under 10″ tall (to the shoulder) and weigh under 10 pounds. Although they are cute and cuddly, they are also often high strung and may not be the best pet for all households, especially ones with small children.

These breeds date back to ancient times although some started out much larger and for specific purpose. Some were used as alert dogs and others to ferret out small rodents and pests. Over the years most toy dog breeds have been selectively bread to be the tiny sizes that you see today.

Although tiny in size, these dogs do need exercise but can provide it in a smaller more confined space. The long haired breeds do require frequent grooming.

Small dog breeds typically live for 10-12 years and include the dogs listed below:

  1. Affenpinschers
  2. Brussels Griffons
  3. Chihuahuas
  4. Chinese Crested
  5. English Toy Spaniel
  6. Italian Greyhound
  7. Maltese
  8. Mexican Hairless
  9. Min Pins
  10. Papillons
  11. Pekingese
  12. Pomeranians
  13. Pugs
  14. Shih Tzus
  15. Silky Terriers
  16. Toy Poodles
  17. Yorkshire Terriers