Electronic Dog Training Collar

If you have a dog that has a bad track record when it comes to naughty habits, the use of an electronic dog training collar might do the trick.

It lets the animal know their present action is wrong by providing a consequence.

The devices do get a bad rap. When most people think of electronic dog training collars, they relate it to a death row inmate receiving the electric chair. They view it as agonizing torment that severely harms the animal. This is a stretch of the imagination.

When a dog is in progress of committing a doggy crime, the owner- armed with a handheld remote- can administer an acute electric shock through a special collar attached to the dog. The bad wrap comes from people who abuse or overuse this power. It is a training device; not a torture device. An electronic dog training collar must be used for training purposes rather than punishment.

There are several alternatives to a shock device as an electronic training collar. There are items that simply provide a noticeable and unpleasant sound to the pup when it becomes unruly. Collars with a spray feature are also available. These types of electronic dog training collars give off a blast of Citronella (kind of like a dog repellent) when the animal gets out of line.

Another issue that could be resolved by use of an electronic dog training collar is setting boundaries on your property, as like to electric invisible fencing. After a while of receiving a notice when it has crossed over the border, the dog will soon learn where they can and can’t go.
Even if the decision is made to train a dog through use of an electronic dog training collar, still continue to reward the dog for stopping the bad behavior even though, at first, he won’t be doing it on his on recognizance.