Dog Litter Box

When I went into my local pet store last week, they were quite excited to show me the dog litter box system they had just gotten in. At first I laughed at the notion, but then realized how convenient this would be for anyone who keeps a small dog in an apartment, especially if you are several floors up! Plus if you travel with your dog, you won’t have to worry about finding a place for him to do his business at the hotels. And no more taking the dog out in bad weather!

A dog litter box is similar to a cat litter box but the litter is totally different. The system includes a pan which comes in different sizes for different sized dogs up to 35 pounds. The litter is paper pellets which is non toxic – they look like little rolled up tubes a little skinnier than a cigar. Basically, you fill the box with the pellets and train the dog to go in the box.

Dogs that use a dog litter box can also be trained to go outside as well. They can do either or, but having the box in the house alleviates a lot of stress and mess. Now you don’t have to worry about rushing home because the dog hasn’t been let out in 10 hours and the dog won’t have to experience the discomfort of having to hold it for 10 hours. When the dog is trained to use the box, he will go in the box and not have an accident on your rug.

Training your pet to use the dog litter box is the same method as training him to go outside. If he is already trained to go outside, it may be difficult to get him to get used to going inside. Training is typically used for puppies and can be done in the crate or outside of the crate. Crate training is probably the best so that your puppy will have his “commode” available at all times. Be sure to keep the litter box clean at all times so as not to discourage your dog to use it – they don’t like to go in a dirty bathroom either!