Clicker Dog Training

Looking for a gentle way to train your dog where scorning is replaced by patience?

Clicker dog training just might be the answer.

This clicker dog training method is unique in that your dog first attempts the correct reaction and then receives the treat. The part of verbally saying the command comes later. For example, if your dog is a chronic jumper and greets every visitor with a tackle, you can discourage this behavior by use of clicker dog training. After the dog starts its return to all fours after jumping on someone, the small clicker box is activated by hand and the treat is fed to the pup. Once this is done several times, clicking and rewarding are only granted when the dog has stopped the bad behavior. The next step is applying the command of “down” while clicking when the dog approaches someone with the intention to launch and then providing the reward when they stop in their tracks.

How clicker dog training works is that the dog associates the click with receiving a treat. They will try many tricks and actions, until they hear a click. Soon, they will associate which action triggers a click and treat.

Some experts claim that clicker dog training is a less evasive way to train your dog to comply with commands or to teach it entertaining tricks. It is, they say, less stressful and nerve-racking for both the animal and the owner, as no leash or yelling commands are involved. It is also thought of as a bonding experience between pet and owner.

The clicker tool needed in such training can be purchased at pet stores or on the internet. Instructions or dog training experts can also be found on Web sites to provide tips on conducting clicker dog training.