Extra Large Dog Bed

If you have a large breed dog like a Great Dane, you need an extra large dog bed for him to be comfortable and safe in. Even if you prefer to have your dog on your bed with you, he needs to have his own comfy place to go to when he wants to have a sense of safe and secure.


Dog beds come in all shapes, sizes and materials, so how do you find the perfect bed? In a perfect world, the bed must be the proper length for your dog – long enough so he can stretch to length and not exceed the edges of the bed but not too oversized that he looks too tiny in it. A good bed will also provide your dog with a comfortable nap spot, be machine washable and repel dirt and moisture.

Getting The Best Size

You want to buy the suitable size and shape bed in order for your dog to be happiest in his own space. Select one that he can sprawl out flat in but doesn’t get lost in. A extra large dog will need an extra large dog bed and one that is stout enough for the rigors of a larger breed. You’ll in all likelihood want to go with a pillow bed of around 40” to 54”. To acquire the perfect width bed, You can measure your dog. Start at his nose and measure down his body to where his tail meets the end of his body. Add on 9″ – 12″ and that is roughly the overall size of the bed you should buy for your dog.

Pillow Beds

These beds come in many sizes shapes and colors and are like a giant pillow that your dog can slump in to. You can pick them in leather, nylon, suede, berber and designer prints. If your pooch likes the out of doors, you can choose him a waterproofed one! You can find any style or color to match your decorating theme so why not purchase several extra large dog beds and have a comfortable spot for your pet in every room? Remember that the bed will want to be cleaned once in a while so make a point to pick one with a cover that can be removed and washed.

Nest Beds

Nest beds form a cozy nest around the dog. Made from hard foam, they have sides that stick up to give your dog a secure impression. Similar to the pillow bed, they are available in all colors and sizes and usually have removable easy to clean covers.

Orthopedic and Heated Dog Beds

If your dog is a bit older or has joint problems (or maybe you just want to pamper him with creature comforts?), he may find comfort from an orthopedic dog bed. This kind of pet bed is processed from polyfoam which provides support for your dog. You can even choose a model that is fashioned like a hammock and is configured to hike your dog off the cold floor, or one with a built in pillow! If your dog likes some additional warmth, you can use a pet bed warmer that plugs in, or a heat pad that you warm in the microwave – it stays heated up for 12 hours and takes no electricity therefore ruling out possibly unsafe electrical cords. If it is the opposite you want, try the canine cooler thermoregulating dog bed which will bring cold dry therapy for your dog.