Small Dog Sweaters – Frivolous or Necessary?

Small dog sweaters come in every variety from plain sweaters to wacky costumes.

While you may dress your dog up because it makes him look cute, there may be a practical reason to put your pooch in a sweater.

Small dogs in particular may have a real need for added protection, especially if you live in a cold climate and your dog spends a lot of time inside. Adjusting to the outdoor temperature may be hard on him so he may welcome putting on his small dog sweaters! I live in New Hampshire and in the coldest parts of winter my dog gets cold and starts to shiver inside – imagine how she would feel if I took her outside with no coat or sweater!

When selecting small dog sweaters, be sure to get one that fits properly – not too loose or too tight. This will make it easier for your dog to accept wearing one. Always check that there are no loose strings or things hanging which your dog could get caught in or chew off. When getting the dog used to wearing the sweater, try putting it on for a few minutes and then gradually lengthening the time so your dog is used to wearing it.

You can buy dog sweaters in all kinds of patterns and styles from classic plaid to faux fur to pink hearts, to hot pink with feathers and rhinestones – you can get about anything that suits the taste of you and your dog! Whether your dog likes Paris chic, or classic plaid – patriotic stars and stripes or ruby stripes – zig zag or argyle, you’ll be able to find small dog sweaters to fit his or her needs and keep him comfy!