Small Dog Carriers

Small dog carriers are a necessity for every small dog owner whether you want to take your pet with you everywhere you go or just to get him out for a trip to the vet. Carriers come in several different types and you may need to buy a couple of different carriers for different purposes.

Hard Carriers

These carriers are made from hard plastic with vent holes and a metal “gate” door. Most hard carriers are airline approved so you will want to purchase a hard carrier if you plan to take your dog on an airplane. Some of them are equipped with wheels for moveability. Hard small dog carriers can also be great for everyday travel, to the vet or doggy daycare. Make sure you get one that is roomy enough for your dog so he can be comfortable and you may want to consider a cooling fan for those warm travel days.

Soft Carriers

Soft carriers are great for small dog carriers and you can sling them on your shoulder like a tote. They are made from nylon and resemble a gym bag with zippered entry for your pet. Most have a solid bottom for pet comfort and some have wheels so you can tug them along easily. A very unique soft carrier is a folding bag by Maxx’s Closet – like a large purse it folds around your pet and you can carry him around with you to do your errands! I saw a woman with a terrier in one at the grocery store and it was too cute!


If you want to take your dog hiking or to the flea market, these small dog carriers work great! You can get front carriers or backpacks, and they work just like baby carriers where your dog sits in them and you carry them along! The Dog Gone Device Pet Backpack also converts to a car seat.