Small Dog Collars – Fun, Fancy and Functional

Small dog collars can be fun and functional!

Your pint sized pooch needs a collar just as much as a larger dog even if he doesn’t go outside much. Of course, a collar or harness is a must for taking your small dog for walks as well as trips to the vet, visiting friends or running errands. You should always hang an id tag from your dogs collar so he can easily be identified just in case he does run outside or gets separated from you.

Many small dog collars are quite ornamental so the can be fun as well as functional! You can light up the room with a glittering glamour collar (and matching leash!) or show your pets wild side with a soft animal print collar. On the more practical side you could use a durable nylon fashion collar. Your princess will stand out in the crowd with a european crystal rhinestone collar, rhinestone daisy harness, or leather rose collar. Or if she prefers a country look you might try a pink polka dot collar or daisy collar.

For outdoor use and safety in small dog collars, consider a lighted safety collar or breakaway collar if you can get one small enough. The lighted collar will illuminate at night so cars can see your pet and the breakaway collar will “break away” to allow your dog to escape if he gets snagged on a branch or other object.

Proper Fit and Size

When shopping for small dog collars, it is important that you get one that fits correctly. A small dog won’t be comfortable in a thick heavy collar so make sure you choose something appropriate for his size. Make sure you can slip 2 fingers between the collar and the dogs neck – don’t fit it too tight since your small dog has a delicate throat and windpipe so you want to be careful not to crush his throat. On the other hand you don’t want to leave it too loose so that it slips off! For some dogs, a harness might be better if they strain at the leash when you walk them.