Sheepadoodle – All You Need To Know About This Beautiful Breed

Everyone prefers a companion. A companion having all desirable qualities like protection, love & caring, trustworthiness, entertaining and always stay by your side makes your life much easier & happier. Fortunately, such a companion can be a dog too. More than being just a pet, dogs can be the best life companions for human beings. It is pretty sure that the dogs called Sheepadoodle (a member of the Doodle family) will fulfill all the above-stated qualities, more than the expectation from a dog companion.

An overview of the general appearance of Sheepadoodle dogs

What about having a picture-perfect dog as we see in children story books or television commercials, as a companion? Sheepadoodle is an attractive, clever, smart, healthier, friendly and adaptable crossbreed. As this cuddly, smart & affectionate Sheepadoodle dog is just similar to a small version of a teddy bear with all the qualities of calm tempered, playful, active and intelligent. This will make the greatest companions with you and definitely, you will love him over & over again.

Must know facts about Sheepadoodle family

Doodle dogs play the main role in building loyal companionships with people, as they always prefer to stay around the people they love. There are many “Doodle” dogs around the world such as Goldendoodle, Aussiedoodle and Aussiedoodle any many more, where they have got their names as a result of the cross breeding with dogs called as “ Poodle”.

Sheepadoodle is an amazing cute pooch, which is obtained through the cross-breeding between standard Poodle & Old English sheepdog. This stunning Poodle breed is very famous due to their loyal and trustworthy companionship with incomparable cuddliness.

It has become a trend of owning Sheepadoodle puppies. Sheepadoodle puppies are becoming more popular among the general public after being bought by famous characters such as celebrities and superstars. Sheepadoodles mini variety dogs are very much popular in higher class ladies, due to their small in size, as this is very easy in terms of carrying by their hands even while they are shopping or traveling.

Sheepadoodle sizes & appearance

There are two different varieties of Sheepadoodles due to their size ranges. They are Sheepadoodles mini & Sheepadoodles standard. Sheepadoodle size varies according to the size of their parental dogs. Mini Sheepadoodle or Sheepadoodle mini is about 25lbs to 45lbs in weight. On the other hand; Standard Sheepadoodles have high body weights more than 50lbs.

Sometimes; if the parents of Sheepadoodles are heavy & muscular, then the Sheepadoodle puppies can grow up larger than the standard size. The fur type/ coat type of Sheepadoodle lies from straight, wavy to curly. Due to the attractive heavy fur coats, they give the impression as they are very larger even though they are lean inside. The life span of Sheepadoodles is between 12 years to 15 years.

The colors of this fluffy canine vary such as Black, Black, and White or Red and White. Sometimes; Sheepadoodles are well-known as “Panda Bears” That is because of their outer appearance of black colored back and a black colored patch on/around their eyes. They are with rounded or square face with an elongated snout. Some variants in basic shape can be occurred due to the parents’ type.

Take caring a Sheepadoodle

Mini Sheepadoodles have a high demand due to their adorable look & great disposition, as they make outstanding and brilliant companions with human beings. They are very oriented and affectionate looking; so that will fall more & more in love with these amazing Mini Sheepadoodles, than other cross-breeding varieties.

Sheepadoodles are usually considered as healthy dogs. The hybrid varieties are healthier than their original pure-breeding. Those shaggy dogs are usually non-shedding compared with other dogs, even though their purebreds are low to moderate dogs in shedding. But the habitual grooming like weekly basis brushing is required in order to keep up their long and curl coats in a healthy and eye-catching manner.

And those fluffy Sheepadoodles love the water too!

Sheepadoodles dogs are enjoyable, enthusiastic exercise companions because they can be your daily jogging partners. This fluffy creature will help you to have vanished your tiredness after a long hour workout.Sheepadoodles are usually an outstanding player while playing with children. A trusty, healthy, playful & adoring demeanor will be an ideal companion for your little ones too. The training and exercises of Sheepadoodles are pretty easy to work to carry out. They can also be educated to be watchdogs because they are very intelligent as they know how to identify strangers to your home and the surrounding area.

Everything you need to know about Sheepadoodle rescue

This must be done with more carefulness when buying a Sheepadoodle. To have a better idea about the hybrid varieties, we have to go to the breeder’s premises and to meet them too. This can be doubled checked by obtaining some certificates & license.

Sheepadoodle sale depends on color, size, and variety of the Sheepadoodle. They can find without difficulty through the internet. For specific featured Sheepadoodles, you have to pay more than the standard levels. There you can have your own customized designer dog. This will somewhat costly, but extremely valuable. Therefore Sheepadoodles are in danger zone. So, Sheepadoodle rescue should practice for all time, to avoid stealing expensive varieties. There are unique Sheepadoodle rescue organizations in several countries like the USA.


Sheepadoodles are extremely intelligent, smart and loyal to their owner. These characteristics have been owned by their parental generations. Taking care of a Sheepadoodle is sometimes a mission. Once you got this dog, you will be his whole world. What you should keep in your mind is that just providing food will not be enough.

You have to take care of several areas for the safeguard of your dog. Moreover; you have to make your attention while paying your dedication to his health and insurance, grooming, behavioral & obedience training, exercises, rescue, frequent vaccinations.

Do not forget about providing healthy and tasty foods. Those concerns are supposed to be the norm. That is because this adorable shaggy canine provides you and your family, the daily supplement of love & caring with plenty of cuddles; coated with security, as long as you provide them a forever home.