long haired German Shepherd – Important notes about your Dog

long haired German shepherd Let’s find out about general characteristics

Everybody calls German Shepherds as Police dogs. The long haired German shepherd is most alike with normal GS. But, the hair is longer than others. Typically; GS dogs we see are normal coats. But, this breed has a longer hair coat.

But, both kinds are similar to each other in appearance and both seem to be in the same structure. Their coat can be divided into two major parts. They are the top coat and the undercoat. When considering the top coat, it consists of long hair. As mentioned earlier, the top coat of normal German shepherd dog is short. There are no much differences between the undercoat of both breeds. They seem pretty similar to each other.

This difference and the structure seem to be important when taking care of them. The long hair makes a heavy coat than the other. That is because it requires more strength to bear long hair. This coat is very important for them to become safe in the cold weather.

Moreover, there is no need of worrying too much about their hair. It does not make negative influences on your long haired German shepherd dog. You can notice that the doggy can run, play, roll and do each and every activity as usual while managing its long hair.

Having a long haired German shepherd is awesome!

If you are going to take long haired German shepherd puppies for adoption, you should know that this kind of puppy needs to grow slowly under your supervision. That is how; you can prevent these puppies secured from several critical illnesses. If you can make a diet plan for your puppy which does not overcome protein and calories, of course, you will be able to protect your dog from illnesses such as hip dysplasia.

You better put your puppy into a schedule from its first day. It will not only be easy for you, but also for the dog. You should not leave its food plate for a long time with it. Keep an appropriate time and feed it during that period of time. After remaining a few minutes, take out the plate. Give the plate full of food when you decide it is the time.

It is hard to put the dog into sleep when you need. But, you may try by switching off the lights. Actually; dogs do not sleep deeply. The real need of a dog into a house is to protect us from thieves, dangers etc.

Also, you have to remember one more thing!

Try to teach your dog a few good manners from its early stage. Moreover; do not let your dog beg your food. Dogs always try to go here and there around your dining table when you are having a meal. Then; you love your dog and feel pity so that you try to give a piece of your own food to it to eat. You may think it is sharing, but here we would like to warn you that it means only a bad habit.

Stop feeding it in your table, and one day you will be thankful for not feeling uncomfortable because of your dog in front of your guests.

Crucial facts about long haired German shepherd puppies

This kind of puppies looks really cute just like other puppies. If you are planning to purchase one, it is better for you to get to know about them before you go to the dog shop. You should have a good knowledge about how the long haired one looks. Otherwise; you will be misled by the appearance of dogs and you may buy a dog in a different breed. In such a situation; you will see that you have made a wrong decision only after the dog has grown up.

Then; let us have a look at how a buyer can recognize a long hair puppy. As we mentioned earlier, both breeds, typical Germen shepherds and the long haired German shepherds look similar for a greater extent.

But, if you try to look at them very carefully, you will notice that there are several keen differences. The hair in your dog’s chest, back of the legs, tail, face and the back of the body will look feathery. Normal puppies do not show that characteristic.

After purchasing a puppy, how are you going to look after it? It is not a very easy task as you think looking after a long haired puppy, especially feeding. It will have its meal two, three or four times a day during the first six months. Those meals help the dog to grow better. Therefore; you have to be careful about its daily meals.

Do you know that the weight of your puppy gets double after a week?

Yes, it is true!

Usually; a human baby gets his born weight doubled after six months. This puppy takes only one week. That is another reason for you to take care of your dog’s appropriate food. You have to let him gain three, four or five pounds a day at least.

Typically; a puppy requires vitamins, minerals and high grade of proteins. Therefore; you cannot feed it with the food you eat. We do not just mean with the junk food that you throw. This dog breed is not a normal dog. You have to purchase appropriate food which has been manufactured just for puppies. High-quality dog food consists of everything which is required for the growth of your puppy.

Moreover; make sure not to misguide by the prices of various dog food brands. The best food is not in the most expensive retail package. You have to read and get an idea about the ingredients and choose what is best for your doggy.

All you need to know about long haired German shepherd dog breeder

Giving birth to a long haired one seems to be that really hard. That appropriate gene should have to be in both parents. Otherwise; you cannot have a mind-numbing long haired German shepherd at all. Only the short haired puppies will be born. That is why; we emphasized that this breed is a rare one.

Are you curious about long haired German Shepherd price?

Usually, in the dog market, this breed of Long haired German shepherd dogs costs a lot. Normally; it is about four hundred to two thousand five hundred dollars.

If you know well about them, you must have known that there are about three kinds of this breed are available as black, white and the king kind. Blacks are more expensive than others. You may wonder how the dealers decide their prices. Usually; the price is decided according to the dealer’s choice and also to the age of the dog.


There are dog owners who seem to cut or trim the long hair as they wish. But, we would like to warn you that this is not a good thing at all. You might look for a different look for a dog show. Or you may be bothering about the goods in your house due to the loss of dog hair everywhere. But, trimming your long haired German shepherd does not good for its health. If you need your dog to have short hair, please choose a normal GS dog.