Mini Sheepadoodle Ultimate guide to know about dog breed

mini Sheepadoodle

The cutest puppy you have ever seen might be the dog breed, mini Sheepadoodle. They are kind of small and childish dogs. Actually, their height is 16 to 19 inches. Also, weight is about 55 pounds. Its name itself tells us what kind of dog this is. Yes, you can find some qualities of a sheep in the dog. This dog is in the same size as a Poodle. His hair is also the same sometimes. But, they have more hair than Poodle. Its hair is wavier than a Poodle and curlier than a Sheepdog.

Why you feel attractive to mini Sheepadoodle

Mini Sheepadoodle

A dog lover will notice that there are three types of this kind. First one is the Standard one. The second one is the mini. And the third one is micro. All of them are crossed. The mini kind is popular than the others. Its parents are an Old English sheepdog and a Poodle. That is how this one comes so furry.

This one seems really friendly to everyone. In another hand; they wish to walk around with everyone. Not only they are good, but also they are very healthy. They rarely get sick, but you have to give them their vaccinations regularly. Usually, they do not get allergies. You can find them in all black, black and white, red and white, etc… But you have to notice and understand one thing.

The colors of your dog may get into a change. You are buying a black color puppy, but its color will fade away and after a few years, you will find your dog in gray color. Also when you buy a gray colored puppy, you must be careful because after some years its color will become white.

Everybody likes to look at them for a long time. That is because anyone can always love this mini sheepadoodle. Just like humans, too much love can make them notorious. Therefore you must be careful. But you don’t have to worry about it so much. Mini kind is very pleased and obeys their masters. All you have to do is to be kind enough.

If you have one of these in your home, you will see that your children are always running and playing with the dog. They are jolly dogs. You can leave your little ones with them as toys.

The mini dog is related to Goldendoodles. But this one is tinier. Moreover; this mini sheepadoodle does not need so many exercises because it is not very fat and also it is very active. These dogs do not like to bark much. If you need to live in a calm environment and do not need complains from your neighbors about your loving doggy, mini Sheepadoodle is the best choice. Like I have said before, these dogs do not get allergies and also if you have an allergy, this one can protect you. You may not believe me, but this kind was used as police dogs in the year 1960. They must be the cutest military dogs that police force ever had.

Mini type always wishes to be around its master. In addition; they like to run, play and roll on the ground very much. You may feel that they are very funny and silly. Yes, they are really childish. That will become a reason to love them.

Mini Sheepadoodle for sale

You may feel that this kind of dogs is rare to find. Also, you have to be very careful about the places that have the mini kind for sale. The original crossbreed dogs are hard to find. A dog lover must have a good knowledge of the features they have. If not, the seller can cheat you. My advice is to get a full knowledge of your puppy before you go. If you think they may bring you in the wrong way, I mean misguide you, it is better to bring a professional person with you.

Mini Sheepadoodle

Its cost also will be a bit higher. A mini dog will cost about 900 to 3000 dollars in the market. Actually, most of them are about 1500 dollars. The puppies that have three colors will cost more. This kind of dogs has the largest price in the dog market. Therefore make sure you buy the best and an original cross breed doggy according to your price. Otherwise, you will waste your money.

Next thing you have to notice when you buy a puppy is their parents. Usually, these dogs are healthy if their parents are healthy dogs. You have to ask and note down about that. Also, you must be hurry to buy their first generation puppy. Because the second, third or last generations may get some illnesses from their parents` genes.

When you go to buy a puppy, you may sometimes realize that the Old English sheepdog is more attractive. Or you will see a Poodle is the best choice. But if you need to buy a mini kind, I will give you a better idea.

If you love English dog, buy a puppy with a white face. If you love Poodle, choose a puppy that has some marks in its ears and eye areas. Surely you will find the dog you like.

Mini Sheepadoodle rescue

If you are about to find a rescue, you will notice some names they have such as Sheep-A poo, Sheepapoo, Sheepdoo, etc… Remember it will be difficult because the other puppies can misguide you.

Why you have to find a miniature Sheepadoodle

The silly childishness is not the only quality they have. The miniatures are very intelligent too. You will find it very easy if you try to train them and make them do as you want. They obey their owner as a child.

Trust us guys!

They will sit, lay down, come or give hand to hand as you command.


They are really lovely dogs. Sometimes you will notice that its hair is falling when you are brushing it. Animal hair is not good for children at all. You will see your cushions, beds and also the air is full of animal hair. But not like other dogs and especially cats, the house which has a mini Sheepadoodle is clean. You will not find its hair on your settee. Don’t you think it is the best quality that this one has?

We do not afraid to say that the legendary dog a dog lover needs to have is the mini kind dogs.