Cavachon – The ultimate dog breed All you need to know

There is a huge difference between accepting a dog and welcoming dog. To welcome a dog, that dog must have some interesting reasons when compared to other dogs. This dog which I’m going to share the facts, is definitely belongs to the group of accepted by people. The name of this beautiful canine is Cavachon; which is a cute, small and cuddly dog. It is a hybrid variety occurred by cross breeding between Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Bichon Frise. Sometimes it is a good companion of the children due to its energetic behavior and playfulness.

General appearance and characteristics of Cavachon dogs

The life span of those canines is from 10 to 15 years. Usually, their height lies from 12 to 16 inches and weight lies from 10 to 20 pounds. But, the exact body size of these dogs depends on the sizes and the genetic structure of the parental varieties. It is definitely proved that the height of the dog is varying according to their parents. Due to the size of those cute and little dogs, they are usually considered as toy dogs. This dog type is much suitable for people who live in small apartments and for frequent travelers, due to little space consuming and easy handling. But, some owners spoil the body structure those dogs, that is why you can observe some overweight cavachon puppies, which feels you to cuddle with.

Coat of cavachon dog differs as soft, straight, curl or wavy. And their color pattern is being white, apricot, red, brown or sometimes in tricolor.  The mixture of those color patches with white is a result of cross breeding done by Cavachon breeders. Their ears are usually hanging down and they are medium sized. Eyes are large, brown and very expressive.

More about the general appearance…

Those are usually considered as a loyal dog, as they usually keep in touch with a particular person. But, if you introduce a cavachon puppy to others in their early stages, it will become a social dog. So, they can cope with other dog types and also with pets. The temperament nature of those dogs depends on the breeding; anyway, we can expect a friendly, adorable and s playful dog.

If you are searching for a guard dog with aggressive behaviors to secure you and your family, it is sad to say that Cavachons are not the kind of dog that you are looking for. They are completely opposite, as they are born to be kind, gentle and easy to handle. So, this lovely puppy really suits for the families having children and also having other household pets.

About the grooming and training process

You have to have a keen consideration when grooming and maintaining a cavachon dog than other dog varieties. So you should be devoted to having frequent grooming of their hair unless it will become dirty and difficult to handle even. Those do not undergo shedding very much at all, but you must posses a proper plan to regular brushing and grooming.

Though Cavachons are not hyperactive, they are considered as energetic dogs. Usual exercise and training are quite enough for them to burn the excess calories they have gained by their daily diet. Doing a small game, playing and going for a daily walk will help to get fit and also good for their mental stimulation. These dogs are quick learners and smart to catch what you taught them. They can easily grasp things if you start to teach them at their early ages. Earlier the puppy starts to catch training; results will be efficient and easy to become socialized.

Few more must-know facts about grooming and training process…

You do not need to possess a large space to make them engage in activities. A small room is also enough if you can train him by using some tricks such as chasing toys, walking and running around. About 30 minutes of exercise and work engagement is enough in order to avoid boredom and increase their mental fitness.

Because of its small size, this dog must undergo limited exercises. So you must make sure to supply a quality diet with all nutrients in required amounts in order not to gain excess weight. It is proved that gaining extra weight makes a dog lethargic and leads to having significant health issues.

When making Cavachon dog breed, you must make sure to look after them very well, because usually buyers are very smart and intelligent to purchase dogs with several characters such as cleanliness in coats, nose and anal areas, pale pink color in ears, bright color in eyes, thick and shiny coat and curious behaviors etc.

Things to consider about their health and physical fitness

As normal small dog breeds, Cavachon puppies are also susceptible to common dog diseases. It is unfortunate that the parent dog Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is susceptible for some heart diseases, sometimes which can be inherited to Cavachons too in their middle or old ages. Apart from that, some typical health concerns can arise such as heart murmurs, eye ulcerations, allergic skin diseases, cataracts and allergies caused by fleas etc.

You have to follow several preventive measures while taking care of a dog such as cleaning their ears on weekly basis, use a canine cleaning solution several times a week and make sure to arrange some veterinary care for your loving pet dog.


Cavachon is a right dog, which is smart and having loving personalities to become a right companion for a family. You can make close bonds with this cute canine very easily. Sometimes you have to be very careful when buying a pup. You have to make sure that you are getting healthy and socialize pup or an adult dog.

Before purchasing a dog, spend your time to aware about the dog that you interested to bring about before taking a decision. After being quite sure that this is the right kind of dog you want, then locate for a repute dog breeder. But, make sure that you have really prepared to crown the responsibility of taking care of a pup, before welcoming a Cavachon pup to your home.