Real Golden Retriever Cost

How much does a Golden Retriever cost? Or maybe the more accurate question is: How much does it cost to own a Golden Retriever? Unfortunately, there is no straight answer to this question. As in many other cases you get what you’ve paid for. Moreover, Golden Retriever cost does not only include adoption cost but also many other expenses

  1. like training,
  2. healthcare,
  3. food
  4. and many-many others.

How much does it cost to adopt a Golden Retriever?

So let’s start with the first— Golden Retriever cost – adoption expense. Typically you’ll be able to find a puppy in a range between $250 and $1500 dollars. It’s quite a range, but the price mainly depends on the quality of the puppy you are planning to adopt. The price will depend on how well a breeder managed to combine the traits of the parents to reinforce the strengths and reduce weaknesses.

If puppies are very cheap it may indicate that the breeder is trying to hide the low quality of puppies (for instance hereditary health problems) behind the attractive price. However, you may bump into people trying to sell you low quality puppies (like the pups from puppy mills) at a price of good healthy pups. That is why you always need to ask for health certificates and spend time with pups’ parents.

The high-end price is usually what a breeder will charge you for a show dog. If you are planning to show your Golden be prepared to pay several extra hundreds dollars. In this case the Golden Retriever cost will also depend on a number of champion dogs in a bloodline and the awards they won.

But in many cases you’ll find good healthy puppies at a price of about 500-750 dollars.

Yes, they will probably never become show stars but if what you need is a good pet and family member and not a show dog it’s probably the best choice. But as well as in many other markets you may find good bargains and save some money when adopting a pup.

Sometimes breeders make good discounts. For instance, they want to build reputation before rising prices or are simply not aware of the puppies real cost. Sometimes they have to close their operations and are selling the pup with a good discount just to find a new home for them as quick as possible. Or sometimes you can buy a good pup from an unprofessional breeder who’s Golde just got pregnant.

Another option is to adopt a Golden Retriever from a rescue. It won’t be for free since most of rescues rely solely on donations and fund razing activities to keep the rescue operating. But the cost of Golden Retrievers there will be lower.

In most cases you’ll probably pay from $300 to $400 to adopt a Golden.

Keep in mind, dogs from a rescue has already gone through vaccinations, medical examination and were given medical treatment if necessary. So you really know what to expect from your new pet. Besides, it’s not only about adult dogs. Sometime you may find puppies in Golden Retriever rescues. It’s not very common but if you are patient enough you may be able to adopt a great pup from a rescue.

In any case, once you’ve started to think about adopting a Golden Retriever do a little market research in your area to find out an average price of a Golden to know exactly what you should expect. Otherwise you may just be fooled by someone trying to sell a poor quality puppy for a high price. Also be aware that adult dogs normally cost more than the puppies due to the greater amount of money spent on food, healthcare and other costs.

So, now you know what to expect in terms of cost when you go to look for a dog to adopt. But the Golden Retriever adoption cost is just the fist expense you are about to make. Again, it’s hard to tell the exact amount of money you’ll need to spend, but here are some items of expense that will help you make an estimate.

Probably the most expensive issue is a healthcare. This would include all the vaccinations your pup will need in the first two years of life plus annual booster shots. If you want to know how much it will cost you per year just call your local vet, tell him or her that you are planning to adopt a Golden and ask how much it will be for all the regular procedures.

However, health related costs are not limited to vaccinations and annual examinations. Unfortunately, like any other breed of dogs Golden Retrievers are prone to certain hereditary diseases. And the only way to avoid problems in future is to choose a puppy carefully. In many cases a more expensive puppy from a better bloodline which will cost you a couple of extra hundreds may save you much more money that could be spent on health problems treatment in future.

Food and other expenses

Another set of expenses is be connected with food, toys and grooming materials. You’ll need to but your dog chew toys regularly (better buy quality toys, they’ll save you money in a long run) and spend money on shampoos and other grooming material. If you are planning to show your dog you may need to pay for professional grooming which is quite expensive. You’ll also need to buy a food and a water bowl and leashes and collars (you’ll need more than one).

Naturally, food should also be included in the list. Always choose quality food for your dog. Depending on a type of food you are going to use it may cost up to $40 a month or more. Again, to find out the cost, visit the nearest pet shop in the neighborhood. If you need a list of thing to buy you’ll find it in my free e-mail minicourse.

Training and books

If it’s your first dog you may find it useful to visit obedience courses. Of cause you can train a Golden Retriever yourself, but if you’ve never done it before it’s wiser to invest some money in professional assistance. This will help you and your dog understand each other better. Buying a couple of books on Golden Retrievers is also a good investment since they will provide you with information on proper care about your Golden helping to avoid unnecessary expenses in future.