House Training Your Dog

It is important to establish proper house training while your dog is still young, as it will make life much easier for both you and your dog. Avoid any potty training issues down the track, as it can be extremely difficult to get a dog to change it’s ways once they are in a set pattern.

That is why it you need to pay attention to your dog’s behavior, and supervise him as much as possible when inside the home. This way you are going to avoid mistakes while house training your dog. You will firstly need to set up an area for your dog somewhere in the house we he can be left when you are unable to supervise.

When you have found this area of the house or room, you need to make sure that it is suitably set up for your dog. Try not to locate the area where there is carpet or in any room where it would be difficult to clean up an accident, and make sure that he is not able to get into any mischief for example chewing pieces of furniture or going to the toilet on items that may not be suitable. With this you can begin house training your dog.

Try to clear as much of this as possible so that it is a clean safe zone for your dog.

When this has been done you will then need to line the floor with newspaper or any sort of paper that will be suitable for your dog to do his business on. Make sure that the whole area is covered, as this will make it a lot easier for messes to be cleaned up.

Your dog will start going to the toilet on these papers, and will in turn keep doing his business in a particular spot, when this has been happening consistently you can start taking away some of these papers.

If you find that after you have done this and your dog does his business where you took those papers away, you will need to put them back again until you are able to remove all of the papers, and have only left the papers where he has been doing his business.

You can then start to move theses papers closer to the door, and eventually you can move the papers outside, by doing this you are trying to encourage your dog to go outside.

Be aware that since dogs can only hold their bladder for approximately an hour or so that it may take a bit of time before he can learn to control his bladder until you get home. This is the basic cause of irritation while you are house training your dog.

When you are able to be home with your dog you will need to pay constant attention to him, as the more time that you spend with him the faster he will become house trained, and you will be able to learn his behavior and be aware of signs that he may be ready to defecate or urinate such as sniffing and circling or scratching at the door.

Introduce him to one room at a time and always keep and eye on him until he is completely house trained.

It is important to let your dog know where it is appropriate for them to do their business, if he chooses the wrong place like inside the house let him know by saying the word NO in a deep assertive voice never yell at him or chase him then quickly clip a leash to his collar and immediately take him outside and let him do his business in a place that you want him to know is appropriate.

Words like Go Potty or Go Toilet or Hurry Outside can be used.

By using these words the dog will associate them every time he does his business and learn that when you say them he is to go to the toilet.

As soon as he has done this praise him. It is very important to let your dog know that this is the right place for him to do his business, don’t just say something to him every time he does the wrong thing, if he gets it right be sure to let him know.

It is good practice to have a routine with your dog. Try and take them out at the same times every day for example after each meal, and after they have had their nap, generally every two hours to avoid accidents.

If you do this it will regulate when you need to take your dog outside. Make sure that you take him in and out the same door every time.

If you find it is too late and he has already done his business and you did not catch him doing it, never get mad at him or rub his nose in it. As the dog will not know what he is getting in trouble for because he will not remember that what he did was wrong.

It is important that you clean the soiled area immediately to avoid leaving a strong odor in that area, if you dog can smell it after it has been cleaned he is more likely to go in that spot again. Use a strong deodorizer or disinfectant.

By being consistent in your training your dog will learn a lot faster.