Potty Training a Dog

Potty training is one of those most important steps that you need to instill in your pet trying from day one. With enough patience and consistency, you will be able to do it fast but if you lag from the early period in the house, you will never be able to make it a good habit. Dogs go by rules of sense which are completely their own and they will have developed the ideal place they would choose it to be unless you mark it for them. The best thing is to train him house breaking and let him poop and pee in the backyard or if you have a terrace instead, then there.

If you bring home a pup that is not more that 6-7 weeks age then you are in for luck as this is the ideal time to house train. You will of course be able to instill the habit for older dogs but with their more solidified senses you will definitely have problems. You will have to follow him a lot in order to catch him with doing it where he pleases and get the point across that it is not the ideal place. Direct him gently but immediately to the place where you want him to evacuate. Some people prefer their bathrooms in absence of a better space.

Start your workout in the bathroom

You might have to spend hours with him in the bathroom then until he is trained to evacuate there. Potty training will be actually your patience training. While younger puppies are more adaptable to change being gregarious and frisky in nature, life experiences for some would actually make them more solid in their habits. While an older may come with some set good habits, some might not be suitable for your household as well. So start early and with patience and consistency you can actually make your dog reach the level of perfection in habit forming.

Remember you will be required to be very gentle but persistent with processes like house training and behavior control, like excess barking or getting reactive in front of children. These actually take constant monitoring on the owner’s part rather than the simple commands and techniques such as bringing the newspaper, listening to basic commands, etc. A dog respects you when he understands that you are the pack leader. You can only establish this when you are thoroughly consistent in your work.

You can get your puppy potty trained

You will have to set commands but be firm in that. Dogs always respect the gentle but set commanders. You will find it easy to train him on other aspects when you make progresses with the major ones like potty and toilet training. Of course you will have to be working on each area individually but you will find that when these two main parts are covered it is going to be much easier for you and your dog to communicate. He will also be a part of the family rules finding it easy to adjust and adapt.