Frenchton – Let’s explore about a loyal family dog

Common facts about Frenchton

Everybody seeks some unique feature from a dog.  Many pet owners wish for a loyal and devoted dog for their family to form special bonds. Frenchton is a new dog breed with a currently rising fame for being a loyal family dog. It is a comparatively healthy dog design, without several drawbacks in other dog designs and parental breeds. It has a high spirit for his caretakers, combined with entertaining and pure love. That’s why this cute canine makes a popular choice for those who search for some loyal dog for their family.

As its name implies Frenchton dogs are a designer cross breed intentionally done by man. The cross breeding is done between a French bulldog and Booston Terrier. This incredible designed dog has crossed two continents as European and American as his parents are from two countries. Sometimes, people use the term Frenchton bulldog. But it is not implying that the standard bulldog is involved for the cross-breeding, it is all about involving a Frenchie with a Booston terrier.

Both male and female of this Frenchton dog are about 14 to 16 inches in height and 15 to 25 pounds in weight, as males are typically heavier than female dogs. Their life span is about 8 to 15 years. They comprise of various colors in their fur coat as golden, black, creamy, brown or black and white etc.

But, sometimes color variation can happen. Some having a bit different colors called Frenchton blue due to the slightly bluish fur coat, derived from genetically. There are few of them that are known, and usually, they are good to watch dogs or protectors. They are very cute & friendly. Those types of dogs are usually called as “toys”. Frenchton breed with color deviations is not accepted by Dog breeders association. And they are not allowed to participate in most events or competitions due to their coloring. Sometimes a dog having bluish coat is not considering as a Frenchton even.

The price of frenchton puppies is quite high due to the breeding difficulty. It is because the hip size of the mother dog is small. Therefore, naturally, birthing happens less and many puppies are born through caesarian section.

Temperament and caring of Frenchtons

As this is a sociable tiny guy, it makes senses for a family dog. There are reasons to become a family dog because it posses several characteristics ideal for a loyal family dog. He is very friendly, high in trainability, easy to care, high social tendencies and middle exercise requirements. So, this cute little pooch can easily blend with kids, families, and singles or even with other pets. This dog rarely barks, so perfect for apartment life, as your neighbors hardly know that you own a dog. But, they snore a little loud when they are sleeping.

Due to the owned heritage of parental dogs, this dog owns pretty much high energy. Not only that, but they have a quiet time also to some resting. That is why it is going to rest just after a short exercise period. But, they are real people pleasers as they can easily learn several tricks to entertain people.

More about the temperament of Frenchtons…

Due to the small in body size, these little lovelies require small sized meals. Their daily meal requirement is around 300 to 500 calories based on their body weight. But, this meal should compose with quality food to fulfill all the daily nutrients he requires for a day. As he is a playful dog, there is a high protein requirement as a portion of 18% of his total diet. You must ensure that you are fulfilling his daily energy and nutrient requirement. Hence, make sure to stick always to read the label on his food before you provide. This dog is prone to become obese. So, make sure to cut off high carbohydrate and high-fat diets such as snacks.

This energetic dog loves to walk. But, sometimes breathing difficulties can arise due to over-exercising and warm weather. That is the most common health problem to those dogs, it is because the harder to breathe by their short snout. And also, they cannot deal with extreme temperatures. It is necessary to check them frequently in order to avoid the occurrence of eye infections, skin allergies gum diseases etc. As these dogs are having a dense coat, weekly brushing should be done. As they rarely shed, grooming is quite easy. Limited bathing should be followed as their sensitive skin can have irritations by over washing and rubbing.

Training and exercising

Make the use of your free time to spend with this cuddling pooch. It is an interesting job. It will be a great chance for you to train him. And also, it helps to tighten your bond with your lovely pet dog. As all dogs prefer, Frenchton also likes to follow training related to positive reinforcement and reward based activities. As, they prefer to repeat any activity as it makes positive feedback, or to avoid any activity having negative feedback. When doing an activity which causes positive feedback, always make sure to do it again and again and give a reward. Those rewards can be food, game or attention too. Sometimes Frenchton is having stubborn behaviors inherited by its Frenchie parent. So, the training should have more determination with prior analyzing their natural behaviors.


This marvelous, little and cute pooch makes a perfect companion to humankind. Frenchton is an ideal dog for those who prefer a small pet with all the desirable qualities such as loyalty, activeness, friendliness, trustworthiness, and playfulness etc. This dog usually gains, and extracts provided training very soon. Frenchton is also like to play with children and pets too. As the dog grows, it will become a member of your family for sure. This amazing canine is highly recommended to buy and make assurance to take care of like a family dog. If you have any interest in this dog, please go for a trust company, and own a one soon.