Labradoodle vs Goldendoodle The most noticeable facts

Labradoodle vs Goldendoodle Similar things

Labradoodle vs Goldendoodle.They are really lovely. Anyone who sees one of them suddenly is going to fall in love with their beauty. We can give 100% marks for both of them for being domestic pets. They love their master very much. They love to be with kids and infants too. You can leave any of them as your child’s guardian.

You may notice that they are intelligent others. They recognize a danger than us and just run out of it. I mean not only the danger for them, but also for their family or the master. And they will tell us. They can think and do what is best for the time. It is their instinct. They will know who the good man is and who the bad is before we recognize it. I am sure they will bark without stopping until the bad one gets out of the sight.


You do not have to be worried about their loyalty. Both kinds are very loyal to their families. Therefore you must look after them very carefully. Do not leave them much time with anyone. They will be sad.

Both are very active. The dogs can run, play, roll, etc… An interesting fact about them is that they love water very much. They act like a happy child in the water. But you have to let them play there in the water. It is good for your doggy’s mental health. Moreover; their parents, Labrador and Golden retriever both love water. How can you stop your dog?

Also, they are good for therapy. Not only that, they are being used as rescue dogs. Dogs are adorable and you can train very easily. They are the best helpers.

If we notice all these similarities of both dogs, it will be a really hard task to choose one dog between them. But as I have said before, they have some different qualities too.


Labradoodle vs Goldendoodle size

Their size is the main reason. But I do not mean the size of the puppy. This means the size of the young dog.

Though the Labrador retriever and a Poodle are combined for the Labradoodle and Golden retriever and a Poodle are combined for the other one, our dogs’ sizes are related to them.  That means combining about 65 pounds with about 60 pounds. That is because the Poodle will be forty to seventy. What will you think the sizes of two human kids are? Yes, an LD will be about fifty to sixty-five pounds and the GD is fifteen to thirty-five. Their height gets different according to gender. The male LD is about twenty-three inches and female is twenty-two. GD is sixty-three and fifty-seven.

As you can understand, the LD dogs are long but light. And the GD dogs are short but heavy. Actually, we can see that they have three sizes. We have mentioned about the sizes you see often.

Labradoodle vs Goldendoodle cost

Do you think the two kinds cost? I am afraid they do. An LD puppy will be about two thousand five hundred to three thousand dollars. But GD can be affordable. One of their puppies will be about seven hundred dollars.

Labradoodle vs Goldendoodle grooming

Usually, both of them need to be groomed lovely. You may wonder whether they shed or not while doing that. You may wish to comb your darling dog every day.

All of these things will be fine with LD dogs. They shed very few. But this will work only if your dog has wool or fleece skin. The hairy dogs shed a lot no matter they are LDs or not. Also, it is easy to groom or comb their wool. You can easily trim your LD according to your wish. And those who have wool or fleece body should be groomed or combed every day. Otherwise, their skin will get rough and the wool will get baffled. Do not worry. The grooming will not a threat for you or the children.


Usually, the Goldens shed. Therefore we can expect the GDs also shed a lot. Be very careful if you groom or comb it. It is dangerous for the lungs too. Their hair would easily go inside your body when you breathe.

Few more additional facts…

You will feel LD dogs have curls than the others. Also, it will feel as touching a silk cloth. The GDs are totally different. They are wavier. And it is like touching a soft cloth.

If you go to a dealer, you will find various colors of both dogs. They will be black, white, red, apricot, chocolate, cream, gray or sometimes with a combination of two or three colors. Some people like one color puppies and some dog lovers want to have a multicolor doggy. There is no appropriate color and therefore the color of your dog does not lower its marks. You are free.


If we talk about their personal behavior, we can say that the LDs are ok with everyone. GDs are a bit arrogant for the guests. LDs like to go place to place and change their location and be comfortable in any place. If your house is always changing, the LDs are the best. They know how to find peace in a new house. GDs do not like it. It will be a headache for you when it begins to groan in the whole day as well as night.


This article may have helped every dog lover to know about Labradoodle vs Goldendoodle. Sometimes you might get more complicated after reading this because both of them are really good. As you got to know from this article, it is hard. Therefore try to choose the best dog from the market.