Corgi Beagle Mix Dog Breed Full Information

Introducing The Corgi Beagle Mix Parent Breeds

Corgi Beagle Mix.The qualities of a designer dog is really  hard to predict but the other ways the positive side of this designer dog is you can get two wonderful breeds in one body. And the designer dogs are the rapidly growing breed in popularity now days.

The dog breed named Beagle Corgi Mix is a Designer dog with two very different parents. The best way to draw conclusions about the Beagi is by researching the purebred Beagle and Corgi.

Corgi Beagle Mix
Corgi Beagle Mix

How to care For A Corgi Beagle Mix

The breed Beagle is not considered as “hypoallergenic because this breed sheds a lot.

The Beagle dog needs its eyes, ears, and teeth checked often for allergies or infections like other breeds also make sure that Its coat requires brushing 2-3 times a week.

Stubbornness and not listening might bring a bit hard training of a Corgi might get the best of your pup. Commands like sit and stay may take longer, as said before the pup is a bit stubborn we have to maintain a patient and calm presence. Start training as soon as possible to avoid a nippy and anxious Beagle Corgi pup.

1 ½ cups of dry dog food every day has to be fed for a Corgi Beagle Mix.

 Corgi Beagle Mix Deatiled

A Corgi Beagle mix is one of the Designer breeds which is commonly known as the beagi  It takes the characteristics from both parents and more particularly, being alert, intelligent, social and lively dog.

This Corgi Beagle cross breed gets along well with people and other animals that belong to the family. However, with strange animals, they can be very protective and territorial. These dogs are known to be very good companions due to their very social nature. In fact this is the major reason why people get to cross the Corgi and Beagle together.

How does a Corgi Beagle mix look?

The Beagi owns a long tail and ears drooping like those of a Beagle. The eyes are dark brown in color and round in shape. The head is round shaped as well. The tail can curl upwards, but when they get attentive, the tail becomes erect. They have a double coat with the undercoat being thick and short

Coat Colour of Corgi Beagle Mix

Red, sable, brown, orange back and white are the colours which a Beagi owns by birth. There is a possibility that the the particular breed have marking with different colors all over their bodies due to the cross breeding.

 Corgi Beagle Mix Temperament

The Beagi is a very active dog also an intelligent dog with an easy going temperament. They are a type of dog’s wishes to be socialized and interact well with kids as well as with older people. Beagis are patient, loving and loyal dogs which will be eager to form a strong bond with people around them. Due to these qualities, the Beagle Corgi mixed dogs are easily trained and are one of the best stay at home dogs.

The Beagle is a protective dog and it tends to herd around as the Welsh corgi. Some Beagies can exhibit this trait early in their life which can be eliminated through firm and consistent training. Since the dog is tend to be very stubborn When the training is undergoing, you need to be very firm but at the same time friendly. Both Corgis and Beagles are stubborn already and this will not change by breeding the two breeds together

Health Of Corgi Beagle Mix

Health problems such as allergies, epilepsy, back and joint problems are some common health issues that a Corgi Beagle can have. These are genetic issues inherited from the parents. Breeders who are reputed will strive to screen and minimize these problems. However, this cannot be guaranteed and you need to regularly have your Beagi checked by a veteran to detect any problem at an early stage.

If you get a Beagi from a reputable breeder, the first shots for the Corgi Beagle might have been given. Upon that, it will be your responsibility to follow up with the remaining shots.

Since the Welsh corgis are prone to obesity, daily exercise is a must for this hybrid dog. Moreover, frequent exercise is good for the boredom since they tend to get bored easily, a characteristic which is inherited by Beagles.

 From where can I get a Corgi Beagle?

Yes once after you decide to bring this mix breed home, you can get this breed in the fair price of 200$-600$ it’s really affordable when we compare it to other designer dogs.

You can find more details in popular adaption/rescue websites include puppy finder, Adopt A pet, is a great resource for Canadians as it offers a mix of breeder puppies, rescue puppies, and wanted ads for specific dogs.

Also there are breeders in  Greenfield Puppies in Pennsylvania. Check those out too. If you’re not having any luck finding a Beagi, you can also look for purebred Corgis or Beagles.