Golden retriever husky mix – Let us meet an energetic social dog

General characteristics of Golden retriever husky mix

Golden retriever husky mix.It is a combination of two beloved dog breeds, as Golden retriever and Siberian husky. Therefore, they are usually known as “Goberians”. The historical details of Goberians are quite little, as they have recently invented dogs started to appear around the early 2000s. The size of a male dog is about 55 to 65 pounds and a female dog is about 45 to 55 pounds.

Their height is around 22 to 24 inches and the life span is about 10 to 15 years. Their appearance is varying, and it is not predictable because it is a crossbred dog of medium sized (husky) and large-sized (Golden retriever). Sometimes a person can misrecognize golden retriever Australian shepherd mix as a Goberian due to some same features. Because those two varieties are from golden retriever mix types.

There are numerous varieties of tremendously adorable, energetic and social dogs. So, what type of dog you prefer to own? Are you in searching for an obedient and playful Golden retriever or friendly & sociable husky? What about a pet dog blending with both quality types? Yes, Golden retriever husky mix is a loving family dog mixed with above qualities plus high energy and social personality.

Let us explore this dog before you welcome into your home!

Goberians have mixed features from parental dogs. These dogs have rounded head, narrowed muzzle, piercing blue or brown colored eyes and furry, frizzed tail as Husky. Ears are handing down as Golden retriever. They are double coated as bushy and soft inner coat and lengthy and curled outer coat. As this double coat provides great insulation, these dogs are able to bear both hot and cold climatic environments.

The coat has several colors such as black and white, brown and white/ black, cream and golden etc. When considering the golden retriever husky mix, it is higher than others when a puppy owns both golden coat and piercing blue eyes.

Temperament of this energetic dog

As their parent dogs, these canines are very speedy in learning. They can be trained to perform varies tasks such as to do hunting, guarding, searching and rescuing. Occasionally, they express stubborn features as Siberians, but you can take the start as a leader by becoming tough while teaching him. When following a training you should stick to it, by cuddling while training can help to show up his stubbornness. If you are finding a golden retriever husky mix for adoption, make it in his pup age. Because, at the age of 8 weeks, those pups can learn basics such as commands of sit, go, run and come. So, it is much useful if you can start training at the puppy age.

Both Golden retrievers and huskies are well fame for their good-natured, playful and active qualities. So, you can expect an active dog by a Goberian. But, you must provide him a lot of exercises to maintain its health. At least one-hour training with lots of playing is needed daily for Golden retriever husky mix. You can make this dog as your long-distance traveling partner.

That is because he performs absolutely well in fetching games, running and hiking. You can introduce him to a doggy backpack while traveling because he is willing to carry weights as his Husky parent. This is very beneficial when you are on long hiking, and he can carry about 10% to 20% of his total body weight.

More about the temperament…

Usually, Goberians are not apartment residents, if you are living in a small space I recommend you to not to have a Goberian. But they are great friends for your family. They are highly devoted who can form strong bonds with loved once. They have a high social temperament, as they do not like to be felt from the family for a long time. He can act as a watchdog too. He does not move backward to fight with any stranger to defend you from being hurt.

Golden retriever husky mix Grooming, maintenance, and health

As a pet lover who likes to adopt this Golden retriever husky mix dog, you will be pleased to hear that these dogs do not shred heavily. Unlike other dogs having densely double coated, Goberians are considered as low shedders. Therefore, these dogs do not need high maintenance. All you have to do is groom them two times a week about 5 minutes. It helps to eliminate old, loosely packed fur and keep him in tangle less manner to observe as a healthy-looking dog. It is necessary to carry on a proper schedule of regular brushing, regular bathing, cleaning ears, trimming their nails and brushing their teeth.

Even though they are well-fitted dogs, there can be some health problems inherited by their parents. There are some issues, sometimes Goberians have to face such as dysplasia in hip and elbows, problems in eyes, cancers and heart problems etc. Providing healthy and quality food and daily exercises can raise your dog into a high level of health. When you going to buy a dog, you must consider their health situations. Also, Golden retriever husky mix breeders should have to produce a guarantee that your pup is free from diseases. Reputed dog breeders can produce a certificate to show that parental dogs are free from bad health issues.

Golden retriever husky mix.Conclusion

Golden retriever husky mix is a loyal, trustworthy dog. Moreover; these dogs love the family a lot. It is an athletic dog with huge energy and has a keen interest to discover the world. Also, they are clever, defensive and watchdogs willing to serve as defenders to your family members. These dogs require a high level of exercise and workouts, and quite a large area to live freely.

So, please make a step forward to own that energetic smart dog, if you own a large garden with a play area to live them with independently. If it is ok in your side, then go for a reputable dog breeder and ensure that your dog is free from bad health problems. It is quite easy that a reputed dog breeder always gives a priority for their health. So, make a step forward to own this incredible energetic pet dog.