Teach Your Dog to Come

Teaching your dog to come up to you when he is called is a very important lesson that needs to be taught as this gives you control over your dog. You must remember that it may take a couple of months before your dog comes running to you every time you want him to. So be persistent and have patience.

To start teaching your dog to come up to you when called, make sure that this session in a safe environment since your dog will not be on a leash. A good place would be one that is fully fenced or has an enclosure. Dogs do not know the dangers that are around them and it only takes a split second for an accident to occur.

You can teach your dog to come to you by whistling to him. But first make sure that you are armed with treats and are willing to praise. Then, make sure that you whistle loud and that it is the same whistle each time.

Start by whistling while your dog is beside you and give him a treat as you continue to whistle. Gradually increase the distance from which you whistle at your dog. If the dog comes up to you, give him a treat and praise him a lot.

Continue to increase the distance from which you whistle, rewarding him each time he responds. Eventually you will be able to call your dog no matter where he is, using your whistle.

It is very important not to call your dog to you and then do something unpleasant to him like get mad at him, put him on a leash or bathe him.

If you do any of the above, your dog will think that every time that he comes to you, he is being punished for something. It is also important not to start chasing your dog around the yard or the house or else you will have trouble getting your dog to come to you.

I find that if my dog isn’t obeying the “Come” command, if I start running down the street then my dog comes chasing after me. This way if your dog learns to chase or follow you, you will find that your dog is less likely to run away.

You may also teach your dog to come up to you by waiting for your dog to start walking towards you and saying “Come” when he about two-three feet away from you. Then, when he is close enough make say “good boy”, pat him and shower him with lots of praise.

Keep practicing this for a couple of months, and make sure that you wait for your dog to be the one who starts walking towards you. Whenever the opportunity presents itself start the training. Eventually the dog will realize that when you say “Come” it is a good thing and he will be rewarded for it.