Dog Flea Treatment And Control

For anyone with a dog, flea treatment and control can be an ongoing battle. Almost all dogs have them, some worse than others. Many people provide treatment for the adult fleas, but don’t realize that the flea eggs are laying around waiting to hatch into new fleas. These eggs are in your pets bedding, your rug and maybe even your couch. Wherever the dog goes, there’s bound to be eggs.

Flea control and treatment for dogs needs to consider the various stages of the fleas life. Provide a means to kill the adult fleas, then wait for eggs to hatch and make sure you kill those adults. Thorough and ongoing flea control will help in the battle and keep your dog from becoming infested.

On our pet medicine page we show many treatments for fleas that can be purchased conveniently on the web and probably for less than you would spend at the vet. If you decide to buy medication for your dog online, please discuss this with your vet first so they can help you purchase the right dosage and brand to properly treat your pet.

Find out more about flea treatment and control for dogs below.

Flea Control for Dogs

Author: Matthew Seigneur

There are many different methods of flea control.

If you have a dog, flea control is an important part of being a responsible owner. After all, no dog likes to have fleas, but often it happens anyway. For most dogs, an occasional flea dip, or a bath with flea-killing shampoo is enough to keep the problem under control. However, if that doesn’t work for flea control, it might be necessary to try other things.

Usually, the flea dip will be enough, however, if it isn’t, you should try giving your dog regular baths with flea shampoo. You can find high quality flea shampoo at any of your local pet stores, and it’s generally not too expensive. This is a great option for flea control if you have a dog who doesn’t mind baths, or who isn’t afraid of the water.

If this doesn’t work, you can also try getting a flea repellent collar. While it’s always possible just to put the flea collar on, most people choose to put both the flea collar and the dog’s normal collar on – that way you get flea control and the dog is identifiable if it gets lost.

There are other types of flea control that have also proven to be very effective. For example, there is a sort of spot-on type of flea control that is easily applied to the dog’s skin. Usually these types of flea control are effective for a month or more, however, they usually only affect adult fleas. It might be a good idea to get an egg stopper collar, which works to kill flea eggs. That way, you’ll kill both the adult fleas and the flea eggs, eliminating your dog’s flea problem.

If none of these treatments work for effective flea control, however, you should definitely talk to you vet. Your veterinarian may be able to recommend some even more effective treatments that aren’t sold over the counter. Hopefully, however, one of the many products that are on the market will help you to keep your dog flea free.

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