Dog Paintings Immortalize Mans Best Friend

Dog paintings have been a favorite way of capturing you’re the likeness of these wonderful animals since Mediaeval Times. Many a king has had his likeness painted with his favorite hunting dog and Queens and Ladies have sat with their lap dogs. Paintings have even been done with dogs alone and there have been many famous paintings featuring dogs.

Dog paintings are a great way to have a permanent image of your best buddy to remember while he is here and after he is gone. There are many artists that specialize in these kinds of paintings and will do a portrait from a photo. You can even commission a portrait over the internet and simply send a photo and the artist will produce a painting without ever seeing the dog.

Dog paintings also make great gifts for your dog lover friends. You could take a sneak photo of your friends dog and have a painting done on the sly, or if you or a friend fancy a particular breed, you could invest in an antique painting that features that breed and have an heirloom that will increase in value. Modern artists don’t limit themselves to oil paints, you can get paintings done in watercolor, charcoal, pen and ink and even colored pencil.