Australian Bernedoodle Dog Breed Information and History

What is australian bernedoodle ?

The cross between Bernese mountain dog and a poodle is known as a Australian Bernedoodle

What Is Australian Bernedoodle ? 

The cross between Bernese mountain dog and an Australian Labradoodle is known as the Australian Bernedoodle. The hybrid blend between a poodle, Labrador retriever, English and American cocker spaniels and Irish water spaniels that has been originated in Australia is known as Australian Labradoodle.

These dogs are mainly guide dogs .But as they are in high brain power, asthma and less in allergy and as they are low in shedding also can be trained easily, Because of their superb and loyal family they have become bread.

If the question was raised as is there any Australian shepherd in the cedar creek Australian Berne doodle?  The answer would be Not at all. When it comes to cedar creek the main aim is to provide companion dogs for families.

The Australian Sheppard is recommended as a good working dog and with its intense drive to work, they are strong. Also these breeds are family oriented, easy going, laidback dogs which are most suitable to be a member of all families.

Whats The Temperement Of Bernedoodles

The best attributes of Bernese and poodle has come along with Australian Bernedoodles. They are so active, fun, playful and sociable dogs. They are the best family dog in other words. They are easy going, easy handling dogs, also so gentle with children and elderly people. They are also easy trainable intelligent dogs who can make excellent therapy.

As lack of training can lead them into problems they should be trained well with good human interaction. Bernedoodles are good in there moderate level that they do whatever the owner orders and do.

Are Bernedoodles Antigen ? (Hypollegenic)

All australian Bernedoodle have different types of coats. If the coat is curlier the amount is less that it will shed. The wavy type coat is owned by most of the Bernedoodles that is low to none shedding. The straight coat which is similar to the Bernese coat have slight wave to it. This coat noticeably sheds less than a Bernese coat. While most of the Bernedoodle have these kinds of coats which gives them the doodle look and these coats are non-shedding. Similar to the curly coat will not shed at all.

The allergy for saliva is less with the dog Bernedoodle. The smaller dogs produce less saliva, so the best option is to move for a smaller dog.

Colours Of bernedoodles

The common colours of Bernedoodle tend to be pure black, black and white, black and brown or tri colours with all the 3 colours black, white and brown. They also come in other colours too.

When we consider the height of a Bernedoodle, (standard poodle crossed with a Bernese) 50lbs and up and 21 inches and up at a shoulder. As in all types females are smaller than males.

The mini Bernedoodles (miniature poodle crossed with a Bernese) 25-49 lbs and 15-20 inches at the shoulder. Males are bigger than females.

Tiny Bernedoodle (toy poodle crossed with mini Bernedoodle) 10-24 lbs 10-24 inches at the shoulder.

Generations Of Bernedoodle

There are few generations of Bernedoodles. Currently the most common cross of australian Bernedoodle is F1 Bernedoodles in which a Bernese mountain dog is bred to a pure bred poodle. The F1 cross is considered as the healthiest as it’s the strongest type of the hybrid among st all. As it is being mixed of a breed that has many different genetic problems, a hybrid is much healthier than a pure bred dog.

The main fact which makes pure bred more prone to genetic diseases is purebred dogs carry similar genes and turn pass these genes into their pups. Sometimes it is mentioned that F1 hybrid such as the Bernedoodle will have only one disease that they share a few common diseases with poodle and Bernese. The Bernedoodles will live longer and healthier than their purebred parents as they have only fewer problems.

When two of F1 Bernedoodles breed together the result is another generation of F2 australian Bernedoodles. In these there is more consistency in the lines, where there can be differences in their appearance in F1 Bernedoodles. Its also possible to hybrid other generation to next generation as F2, F3 or F4 Burnedoodles. Actually it will become a cross breed special.

There is another generation of Berne doodle called F1B. it is known as a back cross as a Bernedoodle is bred back to a poodle in this generation. The pup in this generation mostly has the curlier coats.

Whats The Life Time Of bernedoodles ?

  1. Standard Bernedoodle -12-15 years
  2. Mini Bernedoodles – 13-17 years
  3. Tiny Bernedoodles – 14 -18 years

These are the life time considered as they live according to the research .Usually smaller the Dog , the longer they live.

Lets Have A Look At The health Concerns That A Bernedoodle Can face

Young Bernedoodles are healthier than their parent breeds as a hybrid, certain eye problems and hip and elbow dyspepsia are few conditions all can be faced. Also the skin problems such as hot spots and allergies can be seen in this mix. Also this kind of dogs as all the other kind they might get cancer too.

A test is s must for the Bernedoodles though they are less prone to genetic disease. The major issue is the breeders who breed Bernedoodles isn’t doing the appropriate testing, or caring for the breed .A responsible breeder should always care for the pup otherwise it will end up with very expensive vet bills.

Can Bernedoodles Be Registered ?

As Bernedoodles are a mix breed they cannot be registered with the American or Canadian Kennel clubs.

How To Exercise The Bernedoodle ?

Exercise is a must to all creatures, as golden doodles even Bernedoodles needs a moderate amount of exercise per day. They should be taken out for a walk 3 times per day for 15-30 minutes time. They can be taken anywhere and they love to spend time with their masters.

How To Groom Your Bernedoodle ?

If the Bernedoodle you own has a curlier coat it’s a bit difficult to take care. It needs a professional grooming every 6-8 weeks and the owner has to brush the coat everyday to prevent matting, While the professional  grooming you will have to take care of the way you want it to be, there are some instances where Bernedoodle comes out like  a poodle, so make sure nothing like that will happen.

The pup should be ready to take to the groomer after completing the three sets of the vaccination which is given at 14-16 weeks .Make sure you don’t scare your pup at the first groom . Therefore better to start with a bath, clean the ears and cut the nails .later can have the pup full clipped.

Bathing of the Bernedoodle should be happened only every 3-4 months with bathing strips all the essential oils out of the fur.

lets See The Difference In Temperament Between Males And females

Males: Big in size , More Affectionate , stubborn

Females: Small in size, More easy to train, cute and less stubborn

Hope the above information sufficed to your requirements about the Australian Bernedoodles.