Dog Costumes

Dog costumes? Oh, the indignities we 4 legged creatures must suffer in order to please our human friends.

They seem to delight in dressing us up for every occasion and even manufacture clothing for all the holidays. Now, it’s one thing for them to dress themselves up, of course they need to cover their ugly bodies, but we have no such need as we are covered in beautiful fur! Imagine how embarrassing it is for me to meet my K9 friends out on the street and I am dressed in Cowboy or Hippie costume!

Among the dog costumes my owner fancies are a pirate costume, Superman costume, and football costume not to mention the King costume complete with crown and robe. Oh, but I am not the only dog that must be subjected to ridiculous costumes – my friends were subjected to a mock wedding complete with bride and groom costumes! And last years Halloween party features dogs sporting costumes of a witch, devil and skeleton.

If dog costumes must be a part of our attire we ask that you consider safety first. Make sure the costume fits correctly and isn’t too tight in any area. Also, be sure there are no parts or pieces that are loose and could get stuck on something or cause strangulation. For optimum safety and comfort please take off the costume when we are unattended.