Irish Doodle – A super cute dog buddy for your family

Irish Doodle – A super cute dog buddy for your family!

If someone asks you to pick your favorite among your family, it is going to be an impossible task. But, when it comes; that your family is compromising with a dog, definitely you have to struggle absolutely to have a decision. Man’s best friend is the crown that every single dog deserves.

With that fortune, when it comes to Irish Doodle, this small creature definitely rises above the rest of your choices. Because, you cannot keeps this dog away from your family related decisions, due to hundred and one reasons including its super cuteness, friendliness & adorable nature.

Who are Irish doodles?

Irish doodle is commonly known as Irish poodle, Irish doodle setter or Irish setter doodle etc. It is a cross breeding between Irish setter and standard poodle. So, their genetic structures own both characteristics of their parent varieties. That is why these dogs inherit the temperament of friendliness, playfulness and sweet natured qualities as Irish setter puppies. Not only that; the nominal or non-shedding fur coat is owned by Poodles.

Let us have a look on General appearance of Irish doodle dogs

Irish doodle size is medium and usually, their life span is around 10 to 13 years.  Their weight is between 40 to 70 pounds and their height is around 24 inches. It has an elongated, soft and wavy coat. Theyare in several colors such as Apricot, brown, black & tan, black and white; where the Apricot is the general coat color of majority of those dogs. Eyes are round in shape and they are very expressive, this will capture your love and attention to the dog. As an elegant characteristic, these canines have hanging ears near their eyes. And also has an elongated snout, which ends in a brown or black muzzle.

Qualities of this cute canine which you loving in

These Irish Doodle puppies will be correct fit for a family, as they will become your family members so quickly. If you are seeking for an easily handling dog, that will make less burdens to you and your family; the Irish doodle dog will be a correct choice and they won’t do shedding a lot. These cute canines will be nice and most suitable companions with your children and your pets even, as they are very friendly, smart and loyal too. They do rarely barking, this quality will be very suitable when cope with children in your family. Though this dog won’t concentrate meeting strangers, he will surely inform you if he finds something suspicious.

These Irish Doodle dog are becoming as a highly popular puppy in world of pets due to those loveable attitudes and equally cute look. Even though your own a quite large or very small house, these doodles will be fantastic family companions.

Take caring of Irish doodle dogs in a good manner

Usually they require a good quality and healthy diet. It is because; this will provide all the energy and nutrients to do their day to day life activities and to grow as a healthy canine. It is easy as you can provide them wet foods, dry foods or even combination of both food types. If you are feeding a new puppy, it is a good initiate if you can feed him with 2 or 3 cups of dried foods, providing it by dividing into two or three meals per a day. Please make a deep consideration, if your puppy needs more or less energy in order to, maintain a healthy life style to have an energetic level.

Training, exercises and grooming sessions

Usually Irish doodle breeds do not require a large kind of exercises and can be trained in a quite easy manner. But, when it comes to this cute canine; itis bit unpredictable because these dogs are not always like to train as others. As they are getting bored very easily in a very short time period, you must have a huge commitment and staying power while training and handling them. As these dogs do not need a lot of exercise; walking, jogging and freely playing is enough.  If you can be a good trainer, your dog will remember all the activities you taught in a short period of time, as they are born as intelligent, smart and well-groomed dogs.

Talking about the coat ofthis cute pooch, itis very wavy and curly. Their coat type differs depending on how much grooming you follows. Shorter coat or longer coat occurs because of the frequency of brushing their coats. Daily brushing and grooming is a vital to keep the coat without entangling and infections in a healthy manner.

Typical health problems usually cope with these dogs

Irish doodles are usually considered as healthy dogs. It is because; the hybrid varieties are healthier than its original pure breeding. But sometimes they are susceptible of some diseases such as problems in eyes, epilepsy, bloating etc. Even though your dog is a healthier, always keep your eye on its unusual behaviors which are different from day to day activities. If your dog is getting old, usually blindness and deafness are common incidents.

Your best friend will not always coming towards you freely. As these dogs are very popular among the general public, so their prize is quite high. Irish doodle prize differs depending on their gender and status of coat.


Being a result of a cross between two attractive, smart, intelligent and energetic dogs, these dogs act as a showcase of those qualities. There are both pros and cons when handling them.Due to the obviously high energy level, these dogs are getting socialized very easily in a rapid speed.

Training sessions to undergo this will ended up with building a strong bond between you and your dog friend. It is your responsibility of take caring your Irish doodle as a family member, as it has lent its total life to live under your warmth.