Which Dog Toys Are Perfect For Your Pet?

The toys your dog will love best depends on his personality.

My little Pomeranian isn’t much for fetching or tug of war, but give her a nice dog chew and she is in 7th heaven! If your dog is a bit more active you will want to buy him toys that let you both get outside and play together. When choosing toys for your dog, think about what he likes to do best and pick accordingly. We’ve compiled a list below to help you shop for perfect toys for your dog.

Chew Toys

No matter what personality your dog has he’s bound to love a chew toy. Having chew toys around for your dog will give him something to do when he is bored or nervous and can prevent him from chewing your furniture! Make sure you select a toy that is right for the size of your dog and make sure your pet will not rip the toy to pieces and ingest materials that are not meant to be eaten. Chew dog toys can be made from rubber, rope and even fleece and are available in all kinds of sizes and shapes.

Tug Toys

Tug toys let you interact with your dog so you both have some fun and exercise! Cotton rope tug toys provide added dental benefits for your dog by massaging gums and cleaning teeth. Make sure you get a tug toy that is the right size for your dogs mouth size and that is strong enought so it won’t break while you are playing, Look for dog toys that are machine washable and replace them often when they get frayed.

Fetch Toys

These dog toys let you sit back and interact with your dog while he gets the exercise! Fetch toys come in all different sizes and shapes (even a flying squirrel!). Make sure you select a toy that your dog can easily pick up in his mouth (but not too small that he is in danger of swallowing it!) and that it can be easily washed. You can even buy special handles that allow you to throw farther and let you pick up the toy without having to touch the slimy dog saliva!

Talking Treat Toys

These dog toys can entertain and reward Fido even when you are not home. These treat toys, are filled with little treats that are randomly dispensed as your dog plays with the toy. The Talk to Me Treat Ball allows you to record a message in your own voice which will play back randomly when the dog is playing with the ball.