Cat Furniture Can Save Your Furniture

Cat furniture can save wear and tear on your own furniture if you buy pieces that cats can use for scratching and playtime.

You can buy cat condos or perches that include sisal scratching posts which your cats can use to satisfy their urge to scratch and keep their claws off your rugs and sofa.

When buying furniture for your cat, keep the following in mind:

Don’t buy furniture that won’t fit – Before you shop for cat furniture make sure you know where you will be placing. Measure the area and buy a piece that will fit in the area with some extra room to boot. Don’t place the furniture where you will be tripping over it. Your cat might like it if you put the cat perch or condo in front of a window so he can bask in the sun.

Consider getting cat furniture you can expand upon – Some units are expandable and you can buy a base unit and add to it.

Buy quality materials – Make sure your cat furniture is sturdy and made with quality materials. If it has a scratching post, make sure it is thick sisal rope and plush carpeting on the perches.

Cat furniture can be a great way to add fun and exercise to your cats day!