Cat Houses Protect Outdoor Cats

Cat houses can provide shelter and protection for your outdoor cats. Like dog houses, cat houses can come in many shapes and sizes. The most recognizable is a house shaped structure with 1 door as an opening. A cat house usually has a round door almost like a big bird house.

Some houses may be used to house many cats and can be a larger structure with many platforms inside for cats to “roost”.

In any even the cat house should be designed to provide shelter from the elements as well as from any predators. It should also be easy to wash out so you want to avoid putting any permanent carpeting inside.

When selecting a size for your cat houses, you’ll want to take your climate into consideration. If you have cold winters, don’t select a house that is too big as a smaller house will be able to retain the body heat from your pet and serve to keep him or her warmer. An ideal house for 1 cat would allow the cat to stand up and turn around but not be much bigger than the space allowed for that. The door should be about ¾’s of the height of the cat.