Your Cat And New Family Members

Training your cat to accept a new member of the family, whether it be a baby, a boyfriend or a relative coming to live with you can be easy if you plan ahead and take some time to think about the cat.

You cat does have feeling and emotions and with the new member these are going to have to be dealt with. We may not be able to communicate or understands with your cat but respect understanding and compassion is important in every situation. With the new family member coming in there will be a lot of added stress live changes and other problems that arise with the event.

Training, planning early, consistent rules, professional help, quality time, concerns, options facts, introduction tips, are some considerations that you should take when a new member comes in the home.

One of the steps that need to be taken care of early is dealing with the situation when the member final moves in the home. Plan early, when you know that a new member will be added to the family, and then is the time to start planning.

Do research, develop some strategies, and discuss the concerns.

Cats are curious, more rambunctious and playful, and persistent over the same things that you are. Depending on the member that is moving in this could be a dangerous time if the new member would be a child. They do have the skills to help themselves when they need to. You will have to find solution to help with this.

Finding good professional help will be something to consider, for the times that you may need additional help with the cat if things get too much out of control. There can be aggressive behaviors or become hyperactive from your cat on situations that you many not be able to solve the issues. By having a professional in turn, you will have someone to quick turn to help.

Rules must be consistent with everyone, especially with members that are older and can deal with the cat. These rules are important to let them know enable the cat to adjust with the current behaviors and the stress on the cat and home.

Training the cat before the new member will be a great idea. Get your cat use to other people and environments before the member arrives. Cats need social interaction in order to adjust.
This would mean get the cat out of the house for walks, go to new places when walking. Make visits to the groomers on regular times. If the cat has not been to a vet, make appointments for check up and make sure the cat is up to date on the shots. Take the cat out in the public so that will meet other people.

If the cat now is allowed to climb, train the cat not to get on the furniture or the jump on counter this will be a great training and behavior for a the small new members coming. It will take the stress off you about the cat in the bed or higher areas that the child will be.

Get the cat on regular schedules for eating, actives, walks, potty ( if you cat goes outside).

Getting the cat on regular schedule will benefit you and the family to be able to have time for other things that need done and have the schedule of the cat this will allow you to know when you have to attend to the cat.

Once the member comes there will changes and you want your cat to be able to help with those changes. Spend time with the cat; make the changes now, before the changes are too much to change. Your cat been around and comfort you, they are your friend. Do not lose your best friend.