Ferret Skin Conditions

Ferrets skin conditions can signal a mild condition or something very serious so it is important

to have any lumps, bumps or changes in skin appearance checked out by a vet right away. Ferrets are subject to the same parasites as cats and dogs. Fleas can cause flea dirt and bites in your ferret and steps should be taken to insure he is free from parasites.

Other types of ferrets skin conditions can include localized inflamed areas or bumps such as abscesses or cysts. Abscesses can be caused by bacteria of fungus and will have reddened inflamed skin that may be hot to the touch. This can happen when a puncture has become infected or from an infectious agent in the blood. Abscesses can be treated easily by your vet and should be treated as soon as possible to avoid spreading.

Cysts are a rare ferret skin condition and consists of filled sacks under the skin. Unlike abscesses, they are not inflamed or red. Cysts are not harmful but should be removed and should definitely be checked by a vet just to be sure you are not mistaking a cancerous tumor for a cyst.

Neoplasia is a type of skin cancer that can develop in ferrets. These will appear as small lumps and may become ulcerated over time. Luckily most skin cancer tumers in ferrets are benign, but needless to say, you should have any skin lump checked right away in order to get the best possible treatment for your pet.

Enlarged lymph nodes are one of the more common ferrets skin conditions and can be caused by many things. One of the causes, is lymphosarcoma which is a type of cancer, so needless to sayyou should have this checked out right away. Lymph nodes can be found all over a ferrets body.