Taking Your Cat To The Veterinarian

Getting your cat to the veterinarian is a necessary part of pet ownership.

Shots will be need, exams, medical attention when the cat needs this type of attention. When taking them to the veterinarian, cats will meet many different people, other cats, and animals. Cats can be frightened with the different smells, scents, sounds that will not be familiar to them. The vet will be a stranger that will handle your cat. Stressful event if you do not take the proper precautions in training the cat.

Due to illness, you will need to take your cat to the vet. This is the first time that you will have to take the cat to the vet, you will need to stay calm and in control. Your cat can sense the uneasiness if you are.

Carrying cases are the best way to transport your cat to the vet. This will keep them save from the harm, from another animals and from trying to escape. Use the carrier for other times that is convenient for you to travel with the cat. Using the carrying case just for vet’s visits will result in a cat hiding in the way corners of the house, hopefully far enough that you will not be able to get him.

Choosing a veterinarian is just as important as taking your cat to the vet.

You will want to find a veterinarian that has been in practice for a while and that will help you with the first visits for the cat. You will need to talk over carefully care for your cat and recommendations that they vet may have for feeding and training. You do not want to jump in on the first visit for the vet to examine or do anything that the cat will fear. The first couple of visits should be friendly visits so that the cat will be use to the vet touching and talking to him. This will take a lot of stress out of both you and your cat.

As the vet for the first time is getting to know your cat, you will want to praise the cat for the great job that he is doing. In addition, reward the cat for doing a great job. Very small treats are great to slip in your pocket to take with. Remember treats are for good behaviors not bad ones. You do not want to take a large amount and use the treats if your cat is not having proper behaviors.

When there is bad behaviors at the vet or where every, you will want to use the stern voice “NO” by its name and what the behavior is that your cat was doing. This will let your cat know that you do not approve of. A simple loud clap might be a way to get the cats attention for the bad behavior. Alternatively, just setting and getting the cat to relax would be great. This is telling them that the fears they are having at the vets is nothing to be afraid. Petting the cat on the head and giving comfort for him will help both you and the cat.

Making regular office visits to the vet will keep the cat with knowing whom the vet is. In addition, the vet can keep any shots, illness on file to help with the next time the cat is sick. Just as we go to the doctor as they have file of our health, it is also important to have the same type of file on record for your cat. In some cities and town, they require that shots be on record at a veterinarian office, so in case of serious injury, there is a record or the cats shot and health.

Be kind to your pet take them to the vet they will love you for caring for them.