Picking The Best Cat Supplies

Your cat deserves to be pampered with great toys, bedding and the best supplies – but where do you start? Click the links below to read our summaries and tips on the best products for you and your cat. We’ve convienently provided links to the best deals on the web for all your cats’ needs!

Cat Beds – Cats spend a lot of time napping and they love to curl up on something warm and comfy. Cat beds come in many varieties from simple pads, to heated designer beds and should be on your cat supplies list. We’ll help you pick the one that’s best for you and your cat.

Cat Toys – Cats like to act sophisticated and refined but stick a bunch of feathers on a string in front of them and watch them go crazy! Cat toys come in many varieties and are a good way to keep your cat entertained and in shape so you’ll want to check out our summaries on each with prices and links on where to buy the coolest cat toys.

Cat Collars and leashes – Most cats wouldn’t be caught dead on the end of a leash but if your cat goes outside you may want to get a collar to hang tags from in case she gets lost. Here’s some tips on what types to get and how to fit them for your pets safety.

Cat Carriers – Ever try to capture your cat and stick him in a cat carrier? A carrier is necessary on the cat supplies list for vet trips and traveling – read here for some tips on how to get him to go in by himself and on what to look for in a cat carrier.