Cat Breed Information

Some basic cat breed information can help you find the perfect breed for your family. Almost anyone who has looked for a cat has also looked for information about different breeds. What kind will fit best with your family? Do you want an affectionate cat? One with long hair? The particular information for each breed will give you a general idea of how a typical cat of the breed might act – although of course, there are always exceptions to the rule!

Here’s some tips on how you might start to gather information, or narrow down your search on breed information:


Author: Dean Erickson

How to choose the perfect cat breed for you is easy if you do your research first.

Cats are the world’s most popular pets. They are independent but at the same time make for great company. The have minimal maintenance needs but they satisfy any pet owner’s need to cuddle.

There are many different domestic cat breeds, but less than one percent of all cats have pedigrees or are pure breeds. All in all there are about 70-odd breeds. The rest of the cats fall into two main groups: domestic longhair and domestic shorthair. Cats that have a long slender build, almond-shaped eyes and sleek fur are often characterized as Oriental.

For potential cat owners there are many breeds to chose from ranging from a pure cat breed to your standard non-purebred breed, often called an alley-cat.

Exotic cat breeds include the Bengal (a relatively new breed; a cross between the Asian Leopard Cat and the domestic shorthair), Scottish Fold (its ears are folded forward and down), Egyptian Mau (resembles ancient Egyptian cats) and the California Spangled Cat. The most popular longhair variety is the Persian. In fact, Persians are probably the most well-known of all cat breeds, probably because of its long coat. Potential buyers should know that their coat demands a daily program of grooming. But they’ll make up for that with their gentle temperament.

The most popular shorthair variety is the Siamese. The Siamese has blue eyes and colored ears, face, tail and paws in contrast to the rest of the body. This breed has a long and slender body.

How to choose the breed you want?

Although all kittens and cats can have very different personalities, breed specific characteristics can aid in making your decision. Attending a cat show is an excellent way to get a real life idea of what you may expect and to find out what you are really looking for.

Consider the length of the coat, the size of the adult cat, what some of the breed traits are. Does this breed of cat generally need a lot of grooming, are they a family oriented breed or do they bond better with one person? Is the breed more active as an adult or more of a lap cat?

Every different breed of cat has its own personal needs, but generally they are flexible and can be accommodated in various homes and apartments and don’t mind being left alone. That’s what makes cat the all-time favorite pet for people with demanding lifestyles and long work hours.

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