The Belgian Griffon

The Belgian Griffon is a small terrier like dog with a large head and bushy beard giving it the appearance of a shaggy mountain man.

A bit high strung, this dog can be a good apartment dog as it can get it’s exercise inside. They can be sensitive and picky and it is not guarenteed that they will get along with small children.


The Belgian Griffon is a stocky dog with a long harsh coat and a bushy fringe of a beard around his face. The coat needs to be groomed frequently. They come in black and tan, black and red colors and are approx 8” and weigh between 6 to 12 pounds.


The Belgian Griffon is of the same breed as the Petit Griffon and Brussels Griffon. The distinction between the Begian is the wiry coat and bushy facial hair. The Griffon breed has been around Europe for centuries and was orginally used as a ratter. In Europe, the thre varieties of Griffons are considered separate breeds, but in America the Griffon is one breed with the Belgian, Petit and Brussels being a variety of that breed.


The Belgian Griffon is high strung and can be picky and moody. Then again, they are a lively dog and take to everyone. They can get all the exercise they need inside and are great apartment dogs. They make good watch dogs and can get a bit barky. The Belgian gets along with other dogs and cats but does not tolerate small children well.