Breeds of Parakeets

There are dozens of breeds of parakeets that you may want to consider if you are thinking about adopting one of these entertaining and loving pets.

When we think of the colorful little birds, most of us picture the green and yellow small birds common in the pet stores. Of course, they have been bred to come in every color and color combination around but the green and yellow are the “original” and most hardy. These birds are usually called simply “parakeets” or “budgies”

Other breeds of parakeets include:

Indian Ring Neck Parakeet

These birds come in strikingly beautiful colors and the males have a ring around the neck. They are reputed to be great talkers but are a bit temperamental and require an owner who will spend much time with them.

Monk or Quaker Parakeet

Quickly becoming one of the most sought after breeds of parakeets, these birds are among the top 10 talkers! They are active and chirpy but are fast talkers and can quickly pick up phrases if enough time is spent in training and as a central part of the family. For the most part, the Quaker parakeet will chirp at a moderate level that is not usually disturbing. It is said that they can have a vocabulary as large as an African Grey! These birds are typically green and mostly solid in color, but there are many color variations. They are about 11 inches long and can live up to 30 years.

Given the right environment they can be loving and enjoyable pets. They do chatter quite a bit and can be quite loud. They are bout 16 inches long and can live for up to 30 years.

Grey Cheeked Parakeet

Named for it’s gray cheeks, this little bird has coloring that resembles a love bird with a blue crown, green body and orange feathers under the wings. They have gentle dispositions and, like all breeds of parakeets, require attention and will form a strong bond with their owners. Though not great talkers, they can be taught to speak and are very intelligent learning many tricks and even can be potty trained. They have a moderate noise level and live to be about 15 years old.