Looking For A Healthy Treat For Your Cat?

You want what’s best for your cat, so when it comes to snack time or rewards, you want to make sure you’re not feeding him junk food!

Just like humans, animals need proper nutrition in order to be in the best possible health. Eating healthy treats can help keep your cat in tip top shape and help him live a happier healthier life. Providing a healthy treat for your cat from time to time can not only be a great way to bond with him, but also can add nutrition and variety to his diet. So when buying snacks and rewards for your cat, make sure you read the labels and only buy products with healthy ingredients.

A good healthy snack for your cat is Old West Cat Treats. They are all natural, chemical free, and made with animal protein for easy digestibility. They come in a reseal-able package for convenience and the shrimp flavor contains Taurine, an essential nutrient for cats. And they’re crunchy so they are good for the teeth too!

Catnip is also a great natural treat for your cat. Many people think catnip isn’t good for your cat, but it is 100% natural and cat’s love it! It is not recommended for kittens, however and some cats have no reaction to it at all, but if your cat does it can be a treat for both him and you! I recommend buying organic catnip so you know it is premium quality. Many cat toys have compartments to place catnip in, or you can just sprinkle it around any areas they like to hang out in.