A Small Dog Bed That Will Fit Your Dogs Size

small dog bed is a necessity if you have a small dog since he may not be comfortable in a large bed.
Smaller beds are less costly since it takes less material to make them, but you want to shop for a bed with your dog’s comfort in mind – not cost. The most popular kind of bed is a foam piece with a bottom and sides that is covered in material. This type of small dog bed is inexpensive and convenient since you can wash the outer covering.

When shopping for a small dog bed, make sure you take note of any raised areas that are used as a “pillow” – make sure your dog can fit his head on the pillow comfortably and won’t have his neck at a strange angle. If you have a puppy, you may need to get a smaller bed at first and then replace it when he grows a little larger.

A small dog bed can come in many forms – there’s the hugger type of bed mentioned above but you can also get throws, pads and pillows. They type of bed you choose really depends on your dogs preference. I know my dog likes to curl up along the curve of her foam bed, but some dogs might just like to sprawl and would probably prefer a pillow. Whatever bed you choose, make sure you place it in a spot where your dog can feel he is part of the family but that is away from major traffic patterns, drafts from doors and air conditioning and not in the full sun.