Small Dog Clothing

While dressing up your dog might be fun, there are also practical reasons to provide him with a little protection from the elements.

Consider the small dog, who stays inside most of the time. When it comes time to take him outside, you wouldn’t just rip him from his warm bed and push him out unprotected, would you? Of course not! You need to bundle him up in small dog clothing like a sweater or coat.

Small dog clothing comes for most every occasion, in the rain you can fit fido with a rain slicker. In the cold you can put him in a fleece jacket>, dog booties, or convertable raincoat sweater. For parties you can dress him (or her) up in Harley duds or a hot pink sweater with feathers and rhinestones. If he is fashion conscious, you can get clothing with status logos of your favorite designers or vehicles. If he’s patriotic, you may want to dress him in a stars and stripes sweater and for formal wear you can even deck him out in his own tuxedo.

But small dog clothing, isn’t just for going out – your pet can be comfortable when lounging around the house in his own bathrobe, pajamas, or smoking jacket. How about a Harley Davidson T-shirt. If your pooch likes hats, you can even get a hat for him to wear to the park or beach Or perhaps your dog wants everyone to know he is a good dog, princess or angel with her own word t-shirt.

Dressing up your dog can be fun, but remember safety first. Make sure the clothing does not have any loose strings or parts that your dog could get caught in or chew off and swallow. Make sure the clothing is well made so it doesn’t fall apart or rip. When getting the dog used to wearing the sweater, try putting it on for a few minutes and then gradually lengthening the time so your dog is used to wearing it.