Is A Shock Collar For Small Dogs Safe?

Should you use a shock collar for small dogs?

One should think long and hard before subjecting their dog, large or small to such methods of training. A shock collar, used a gentle electric shock to train your dog by administering the shock when they misbehave. Some collars have a remote that allow the trainer to administer the shock and some work without any human intervention.

Before buying a remote shock collar for small dogs, make sure you read that manufacturers instructions to be sure the collar is for your dogs weight class. Many collars only work for dogs over 5 pounds so if you have a really tiny dog, these types of training methods are not recommended. A remote collar works via transmitter – you put the collar on the dog and hold the remote, when you want to correct his behavior, you simply give him a shock.

You can adjust the level of shock he gets so if you are worried about safety, you should keep it on the most gentle setting.

There is also a shock collar for small dogs that helps train the dog not to bark.

This requires no intervention from the trainer – you simply put the collar on and when the dog barks, the collar senses the vibration of the vocal chords and administers a brief “harmless” shock. This is repeated every 3 seconds as long as the barking continues. Eventually the dog associates the shock with the barking an learns not to bark. At this point, you can discontinue use of the collar since the dog is trained!

There is quite a debate about using shock collar for small dogs, or for any dogs for that matter. You will find as many people for it as against. Manufacturers claim the gentle shock is quite safe.