Dog Friendly Motel

A dog friendly motel would make it a lot easier to enjoy your vacation with your 4 legged friend. If you want to take your pet on vacation with you, you’ll need to map out a route and double check motels along the way to be sure that there will be a place that will accept pets.

Some motels may charge an extra fee to let your pet stay and some only allow pets up to a certain weight so you’ll need to do your homework before setting out with Fido in the back seat.

And don’t forget about your pets care while you are out playing tourist on your vacation. Will you bring him along? Are pets allowed where you are going? Not only can you take your pet to a dog friendly motel, but you can also find pet friendly beaches, campgrounds, bed and breakfasts,ski lodges and even some amusement parks that have kennels so that you can safely store Fido while you romp in the park.

You can search online for sites that have a database for every dog friendly motel in the US and Canada.