A Cat Perch Can Add Interest To Your Cat’s Day

A cat perch can add interest to the cat’s day especially for indoor cats that don’t get to go outside and romp in the woods.

Cat’s love to perch in high places so these pieces of cat furniture can quickly become a favorite place for your cat to rest.

A perch can be just a simple stand with one platform or an outrageous jungle gym for cats with many perches and hanging toys. Some cat perches come with scratch posts built in so your cat can sharpen his nails without going far from his favorite place.

When selecting a perch make sure you take in to consideration the area where it will be placed. Your cat might like it to be near a window so they can look outside while they are perching. If you have more than 1 cat they will most certainly amuse themselves by leaping and jumping around the perch so make sure there is plenty of space around it and don’t place it next to any breakables.