Use Kindness In Training Your Cat

Using proper methods for training your cat is important if you want to earn the trust of your cat and not just make him afraid of you. First things first, NEVER USE PHYSICAL PUNISHMENT on your cat or any animal. This it appalling behavior on your part and can be punishable by law. This type of punishment will not have good affects on the cat. You will harm the cat or animal with them fearing you, you will cause pain, usually ends up with biting and violent behavior. This is why sometimes when children play with the pet, if there is no supervision; a child will act out towards the most the time in hitting. This will in turn case the cat to respond that way towards the children because the cat believes this is how they play or because they hurt them and the fear or hostility towards that person is real. Supervise the children with the pet and teach the children how to respond towards the subdued behavior.

Do you use words that would harm a friend, your cat really does not know what all this means, cats and animals that are close to you, in time will have the same feelings are you do. If you are upset when you are punishing your cat, can become stressed and will feel this type of behavior. Your cat is your friend and we should not treat our friends this way.

Constructive support will help you and your cat with training that both of you will share. Correct timing is needed when using constructive support. Reward the cat with a treat when there is the training and good behavior.

Behaviors that are not constructive use a constructive word towards your cat. A very stern no followed by the cat’s name, with the behavior, is the great way. Cats are like children you can only tell them simple things until they learn. Example; no fluffy, you cannot chew on that cord, or no Toby, you are not allowed on the counters. With saying the word no stern and continue in positive tone, your cat will stop at the word no. Use this for attracting their attention on the bad behavior.

Some times cat will use bad behaviors for attention. Sure enough, it did get your attention. You will need to find out why your cat is using the bad behavior for your attention. This is the time to reinforce the constructive support training for your.

Treat rewards are constructive support with training your cat. As you start to train a cat, having treats are good for training. Treats should be small cat food items that your cat has not had before. Make sure, when you look for a treat that it is a healthy treat, small, and tasting to your cat, liver treats are the best for a cat, unless you know your cat is not a liver lover.

Treating a cat when you are training him will not make him fat as long as exercise is included daily. Once the training is over you will want to decrease the treats for the good behavior until they only need one for a reminder in case they have a bad thought. Do not use the cat food for training the food that they would eat for a normal meal. This will confuse your cat, in the training, and will eat all the time. This is not healthy for a cat. Over eating with a cat will cause serious illnesses that will lead to high cost in vet bills. A cat can become a lazy cat due to the fact there is to much weight on them. A cat will then just lie around and not want to participate in any activities.

Training will take time, patience, understanding and sometimes for us to train a cat or research on how to train and the steps to take. Some behaviors will take time to train where other can take no time at all.

Training for your cat or animal will help both you and your cat to healthy relationships.