Those Undignified Cat Clothes

No cat would be caught dead in cat clothes, yet pet owners seem to want to dress them up!

If your cat will sit still for you to put an outfit on, you can buy cute hats and even a cat bikini for summer! Of course, your cat will be totally embarrassed but your friends will probably get a kick out of it!

Cat clothes can be found pretty easily on the internet and you can buy outfits for special occasion or everyday. Some people dress up their cats and take photos to send on Christmas cards or party invitations.

Whatever your reasons are, here’s some basic safety tips you’ll want to know before shopping for cat clothes:

  • Don’t stress out your cat. If your cat really really hates putting on an outfit don’t force it – you’ll only be adding needless stress to your cat and yourself!
  • Make sure the cat clothes are the right size. Don’t try to cram a large overweight cat into a small outfit.
  • Remove any hanging threads or loose pieces. Get rid of anything your cat could chew or swallow.
  • Don’t leave your cat unattended. If you want your cat to stay dressed in cat clothes make sure he is where you can keep an eye on him. He could wriggle out of the outfit partially and then become tangled or choke if it rest is not fitted securely.