Dog Names

Dog names know no boundaries! Some people like to use “people” names, others like to use names of places and still others names of objects. Of course there is always, the standard names like Fido, Spot and Rover. While your dog probably doesn’t care what name you call him, the name you choose can be a reflection of how you “see” or feel about your dog and can say about your own personality.

Most people agonize over dog names almost as much as baby names. If there are 2 owners, it’s a sure bet that they won’t agree on a name right off the bat. Some people like to get their dog home first and see if a name “develops”. Others have a name picked out before they even pick out the dog. Buyers of pure bred dogs have it a little easier as they can incorporate they lineage name into the dogs name.

You can turn to the internet for help when picking out dog names. A search will reveal several web sites with databases just for this purpose. You can even peruse Native Alaskan names, names with Latin roots, dog names translated into Hawaiian and even find sites that list the “top 10” names for different breeds. When choosing a name that is lengthy, it is good to remember that it will unavoidably be shortened to some sort of nickname so think about all the possible nicknames that could come from it and be sure you can live with them!