How to Give Your Cat Medicine

Giving a cat medicine can be quite a challenge but a few simple steps can help to get the medicine in and keep you from getting scratched.

First of all, it’s best if you can “immobilize” the cat by wrapping him in a towel or sheet. Wrap him up tightly (not too tightly, but tight enough so he can’t wiggle free) and leave his face exposed. You’ll probably need someone else to help catch and hold him.

To administer cat meds orally, pry the cat’s mouth open by pressing on the sides where his jaw meets and put the pill, or drops if it is liquid, in the back of his mouth on top of the tongue. Hold his mouth closed until he swallows the pill. Try rubbing his throat to get him to swallow. Be careful that he does not spit it out when you are not looking or you might think he’s had his medication when he has not!

To give your ear drops, place the dropper in his ear without touching the sides and drip the medicine in. You will have to keep him very still for this. After the medicine is in, hold his ear folded over so that he can’t shake the medicine out. If your cat does shake out the medicine put a little extra in to make up for it. If the dropper does touch his ear, be sure to wash it off well.