Learn About The Perfect Climate for Parakeets

Providing the perfect climate for parakeets is simple as it is basically the same as the perfect climate for humans! The word parakeet is used to refer to any number of small long tailed parrots, but the small colorful birds that we commonly think of when we hear the word “parakeet” are, more specifically, budgerigars or budgies.

An ideal climate for budgies, is to have temperatures between 65 and 80 degrees (F) and to keep the bird out of direct sunlight and away from drafts. Make sure the bird has plenty of fresh food and water and can exercise his wings by flying and stretching in the cage. Make sure his environment is smoke free and take care not to use non stick pans as the fumes given off from them is toxic to birds!

Budgies come from the Australian grasslands and they can withstand temperatures from freezing up to 100 degrees as can be the case in their native climate. However, in nature these temperature changes happen gradually and you would not want to subject your pet to any drastic temperature changes. If you turn your thermostat down at night, that should be fine as the lowering of the temperature will be gradual much like in the natural climate for parakeets.

Many people are worried that they will have to change the way the live and provide tropical temperatures for their new feathered friends but the reality is that, for most households, the climate you already are used to keeping the home is also the perfect climate for parakeets!