Use A Cedar Dog Bed To Repel Insects

A cedar dog bed will help keep down pet odor as well as repel insects. Even if you let your dog sleep on your bed with you, he needs to have his own bed or comfy place to go to when he wants to seem safe, so why not get him one filled with sweet smelling cedar chips? Cedar will help to minimize odor both in the dogs bedding and on the dog as well as act as a repellent for insects including ticks and fleas.

Dog beds come in a variety of shapes and materials, so how do you select the right bed? Obviously, the bed had better be the right size and shape for your dog – allowing enough room so he can lay at his full length and not hang over the sides but not too big that he feels lost in it. A good bed will also provide comfort and relaxation, be washable and durable enough to last and resist dirt and moisture.

Getting The Right Length

You ought to choose the best width cedar dog bed in order for your dog to be comfortable in it. If you have a small dog that weighs under 25 pounds, you might be better off with a nest bed so that he can cuddle up and get a warm safe feeling inside. find one that he can lay down out flat in but doesn’t get lost in. Depending on the measurements of your dog, you’ll want one that is about 15” to 21”. A large dog, of course, will want a larger bed and one that is sturdy enough for the rigors of a larger breed. You’ll probably want to go with a pillow bed of nearly 40” to 50”. To pick the best width cedar dog bed, You can measure your dog from his nose to where the tail starts. Add on just about 30% more and that is roughly the overall size of the bed for your dog.

Pillow Beds

These beds come in many materials, colors and sizes and are wish a jumbo pillow that your dog can sink in to. You can acquire them in faux suede or leather, nylon, denim, Berber and designer prints. If your pooch likes the outdoors, you can acquire him a weather resistant one! You can find any pattern or color to match your household decor so why not find multiple cedar dog beds and have a soft retreat for Fido in every room? Remember that the bed ought to be washed monthly so be sure to acquire one with a cover that can be removed and washed.

Nest Beds

Like the name implies, a pet bed like this makes a nest around the dog. Made from hard foam, they have sides that stick up to give your dog a safe sense. They can be bought in in all colors and sizes and commonly have removable washable covers.

Orthopedic and Heated Dog Beds

If your dog is a bit older or has joint problems (or maybe you just wish to spoil him with amenities?), he may find comfort from an orthopedic dog bed. These beds are manufactured from polyfoam which will bring support for your dog. You can even buy a version that is like a hammock and is created to raise your dog off the cold floor, or one with a built in pillow! If your dog wants some more warmth, you can employ a pet bed warmer that plugs in, or a heat pad that you warm in the microwave – it stays warm for 12 hours and demands no electricity therefore eliminating possibly dangerous electrical cords. If it is the opposite you need, try the canine cooler thermoregulating dog bed which supplies cold dry therapy for your dog.